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Aetna Better Health Of Kentucky Claims Address

Aetna Better Health Of Kentucky Claims Address

Receiving phone calls and/or text messages from Aetna Better Health® of Kentucky regarding information related to my health and benefits. I understand that my information will be used in accordance with my plan’s notice of privacy practices.

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Maybe it’s your time to renew. Don’t risk losing your health insurance coverage. Be sure to learn the renewal process.

Has your renewal deadline passed? You can still get your benefits back. See if you qualify. SOUTHFIELD, MI, December 13 2022 — CVS Health® Company (NYSE: CVS) acquires Aetna Better Health® of Michigan, Inc. (NYSE: CVS) announced that it has received Health Equity Accreditation and Health Equity Accreditation Plus from the state. Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA). The accreditations recognize market-leading organizations that provide culturally and linguistically sensitive services and organizations that work to reduce health care disparities.

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NCQA Health Equity Accreditation assesses how well an organization has implemented a standardized framework for transforming health equity into a culture of continuous improvement. NCQA’s Health Equity Accreditation Plus builds on its Health Equity Accreditation framework to address inequities in care and health outcomes:

“Fostering an internal culture that supports diversity, equity and inclusion and closing disparities in healthcare is essential to meeting the needs of a diverse population,” said Teressa Smith, CEO of Aetna Better Health of Michigan, Inc. “Working with our Medicaid members is a journey, and earning these certifications proves that we have the tools, systems, partnerships and resources to provide the right care to our members, and allows our care teams to communicate clearly and effectively with our members and providers dedicated to managing their overall health.”

Aetna Better Health of Michigan, Inc. is participating in an eight-month NCQA-sponsored pilot to implement its Health Equity Accreditation Plus assessment program. After being recognized by The health plan partnered with NCQA to test the concepts and application of accreditation.

Aetna Better Health Of Kentucky Claims Address

“Establishing strong health equity standards is critical to creating a health care system that benefits all,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, Vice President and Chief Health Equity Officer. “Our participation in the pilot and Health Equity Accreditation Plus reflects our commitment to addressing health disparities and ensuring that everyone in Michigan and across the country can live as equitable and healthy lives as possible.”

Passport Announces Contract With Kentuckyone Health Will Remain, Despite Previous Termination Letter Sent To Patients

Michigan, Inc. Aetna Better Health is committed to advancing health equity in Michigan. Health planning emphasizes programs and solutions to reduce significant disparities among diverse populations; understand local social care needs and provide data on the health plan’s diverse membership; Languages ​​spoken and support included.

For example, Having a healthcare provider of the same race or who speaks the same language is associated with a better patient experience. To improve the experience of African Americans — its largest member population — Aetna Better Health of Michigan, Inc. allows providers to identify their race and ethnicity for use in Aetna’s online provider directory. has invested and built infrastructure to build capabilities and infrastructure. When providing Members can use the information to support their decisions when choosing providers for care.

Michigan to provide a strong basis for partnership development and exchange of information and communications; Inc. Another illustration highlights multiple data sources from Aetna Better Health. By leveraging a social care referral platform; The health plan includes housing, A system was implemented to meet a member’s needs related to transportation or health care by referring them to a community resource. As a result, Aetna may collect and use this information to improve care coordination and promote improvement.

Aetna Medicaid Administrators LLC (Aetna Medicaid), a CVS Health company, has more than 30 years of experience in each market with innovative approaches to achieve successful healthcare outcomes and cost-effective outcomes. . Aetna Medicaid has special expertise serving Medicaid members in need, including those dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare. Currently, Aetna Medicaid owns and/or manages Medicaid-managed health care plans under the Aetna Better Health and other affiliate names. Arizona California Florida Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland Michigan, New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania Texas It serves approximately 2.8 million people in 16 states, including Virginia and West Virginia. For more information, See

Aetna Better Health Kentucky Ceo Says Kentucky Medicaid Situation Creates Uncertainty For Thousands Of Jobs

CVS Health® is a leading health solutions company that delivers care like no other. We are our local presence; More than 40,000 physicians, more than 40,000 physicians, and more than 300,000 dedicated partners and greater access to the health of communities across America. Pharmacists; including nurses and nurse practitioners. People need us wherever and whenever they need us. managing their chronic diseases; Helping them stay consistent with their medications or access health and wellness services in the most convenient ways possible. health care system – and their personal health care – mobility; We help people by reducing costs and being a trusted partner. I work with my heart every day. Follow @ on social media.

About NCQA NCQA is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare for private, It is a non-profit organization. NCQA accredits and accredits a wide range of healthcare organizations. It recognizes clinics and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA’s Healthcare Efficiency Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is the most widely used performance measurement tool in healthcare. Consumers on NCQA’s website (; Contains information to help employers and others make more informed health care choices. NCQA at; on Twitter @ncqa; You can find them on Facebook at and LinkedIn at

Photos and videos available through the CVS Health Newsroom are for use by accredited media members only. Media are permitted to use photos and videos available through the CVS Health Newsroom as long as the use does not disparage CVS Health and does not imply endorsement by CVS Health Newsroom and may not be altered or manipulated in any way other than the photo itself. Resizing or cropping.

Aetna Better Health Of Kentucky Claims Address

Please read the terms of use. Read the statement by checking the checkbox and click on the download button. Insurance giant Aetna, state government employees; teachers It will administer North Carolina’s health coverage program starting in 2025 for retirees and their family members. The state treasurer’s office made the announcement Wednesday.

Paige Franklin Mankovich

The state health plan said the company won the contract and will replace Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

Blue Cross, the state’s largest health insurer, said on Dec. 14 that it is pursuing an appeal of the state health plan’s contract award, and that North Carolina residents may be out of a job in the transition. In the competitive bidding process; UMR Inc. It also filed a contract proposal with Blue Cross and Aetna.

Manage documentation for health care costs according to the size of the plan; to pay requests; The administrator chose to build a service provider network.

The program, which is housed within Treasurer Dale Folwell’s department, covers more than 740,000 people with costs paid through state funding and member premiums. The contract oversees more than $17.5 billion in health care spending over five years, according to a press release. Blue Cross does not perform administrative services for the roughly 185,000 retirees enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.

Kma, Foundation For A Healthy Kentucky, Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield In Kentucky Welcome Additional Partners For “raise Your Guard, Ky: Focus On Flu”

According to the health plan, Blue Cross takes millions of dollars a month as part of the contract. Folwell and the plan could get $140 million in cost savings if Aetna’s contract is extended to five years, according to a news release.

“ဤပမာဏပြောင်းလဲမှုသည် အမြင်သစ်တစ်ခုအတွက် အခွင့်အလမ်းကောင်းတစ်ခုဖြစ်ပြီး စျေးနှုန်းပွင့်လင်းမြင်သာမှု၊ သုံးစွဲနိုင်မှုနှင့် အရည်အသွေးကို နိမ့်ကျနေစဉ်တွင် စျေးနှုန်းပွင့်လင်းမြင်သာမှုရှိစေရန် နည်းလမ်းသစ်များဖန်တီးရန် Aetna နှင့် အနီးကပ်ပူးပေါင်းဆောင်ရွက်သွားရန် ကျွန်ုပ်တို့မျှော်လင့်ပါသည်။

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