Aetna Medicare Advantage Value Ppo – As you learn your Medicare choices, you may have questions about what is actually covered. For example, does Medicare cover routine dental work? Does Medicare cover eyeglasses? When it comes to Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage, there are some key differences in the types of benefits you get. To help you better understand your options, we’ve created a guide to Medicare benefits.

It’s a common misconception that Original Medicare, the government-sponsored health care program, covers everything. Original Medicare includes coverage for Part A (hospital stays) and coverage for Part B (doctor visits and medical procedures). But look closer and you’ll see that things like routine hearing, dental, and vision health aren’t included. Original Medicare also does not provide coverage for prescription drugs. In most cases, if you want your prescriptions to be covered by Original Medicare, you will need to participate in a separate Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D).

Aetna Medicare Advantage Value Ppo

Aetna Medicare Advantage Value Ppo

According to Angela Hauser, brokerage manager at Aetna®, “Many people believe that Original Medicare is the end all be all, when in fact it’s kind of a building block for everything else you do. of gaps in original Medicare coverage.”

Aetna Vs. Cigna: Medicare Advantage Comparison

But with Medicare Advantage (MA), you get Parts A and B and much more. In many cases you get extras, such as hearing, vision and dental coverage and gym membership. Many Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage.

Some people may wonder how it is possible to get these additional benefits with an MA plan while having little to no additional monthly premium. That’s because MA plans, unlike Original Medicare, are administered by private insurance companies. Aetna MA plans use their large healthcare network to provide more value to members. “We offer members access to strong providers and negotiate lower prices.

Original Medicare also does not offer the protection of a personal spending limit. This is a limit on how much of your own money you spend on healthcare bills in a given year. However, all MA plans have their own limit.

Most Aetna MA plans give you an in-network benefit or reimbursement to pay for these services. This coverage may include:

Prescription Drug List (formulary), Coverage & Costs

Read here to learn more about the types of vision, dental, and hearing coverage you can get with an Aetna MA plan.

In addition, some MA plans, also called MAPD plans, include drug coverage. As mentioned above, you can purchase a Part D (drug plan) separately, but the advantage of a MAPD plan is that you get all your benefits under one umbrella. “Instead of having multiple cards and multiple places managing your benefits, you have one company managing it for you,” Hauser says.

With Aetna MA plans, you also get a SilverSneakers® fitness benefit, which includes gym access and fitness classes. There are also several at-home fitness options available, including on-demand classes and rotating at-home packages.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Value Ppo

Although Medicare Advantage plans may include some additional benefits, individual plans can vary widely, so it is important to research which benefits a plan includes. Here’s a look at some of the lesser-known benefits that may be included with some Aetna MA plans:

Aetna Vs. Humana

MA plans allow you to get benefits not typically covered by Original Medicare. And with a variety of Aetna MA plan types, you have the freedom to determine the level of coverage that best suits your needs. Many of the additional benefits we offer can help you take a proactive approach to living the healthiest life possible.

Aetna Medicare is an HMO, PPO plan with a Medicare contract. Our SNPs also contract with State Medicaid programs. Participation in our subscriptions is dependent on contract extension. The provider network can change at any time. You will be notified when necessary. Participating physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of Aetna. The availability of any particular provider cannot be guaranteed and the provider’s network composition is subject to change. See Proof of Coverage for a complete description of plan benefits, exclusions, limitations and coverage terms. Subscription features and availability may vary by service area.

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What’s The Best Medicare Advantage Plan In 2023?

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Aetna Medicare Advantage Value Ppo

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What’s The Cost Of A Medicare Advantage Plan?

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The LBA and Aetna have teamed up to bring you a Medicare Advantage plan – also called the Aetna MedicareSM Plan (PPO) with Extended Service Area (ESA).

Aetna Medicare Advantage Value Ppo

The Aetna plans are the only plans endorsed by the LBA and supported by local unions. You will receive information from other insurance companies about different plans, but no other plan or carrier is endorsed by the LBA and local unions.

Managed Care Insurance Plans

The Aetna Medicare Advantage plan is more than just a plan that helps you pay your medical and prescription drug costs. You’ll get access to more benefits and programs to help you live the kind of life you want in your retirement years.

This letter will help you understand the value of these plan options, how to get more information, and how to enroll.

*You can learn how to join the LBA from Doyle Rowe LTD. There is an annual membership fee of $36 per household. Union membership is not required.

Take advantage of programs to stay healthy, find help at home and more – at no extra cost to you. We work with your doctors to help you.

Eighty Seven (87) Percent Of Aetna Medicare Advantage Members In 4 Star Plans Or Higher For 2024

Change Your Plan, Not Your Doctors Many doctors will accept the LBA Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, both in-network and out-of-network.

The Aetna Medicare Plan (PPO) with ESA is a type of Medicare Advantage plan. Normally with a PPO plan you pay more for out-of-network services, but with this type of plan you pay the same costs for each doctor or hospital, depending on the costs listed in your plan’s benefits statement. The provider must qualify for Medicare payment and accept your plan. Medicare can be complicated, so here’s a simple guide to understanding Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D.

Medicare Parts A and B, also known as Original Medicare, are provided by the government. Part A is your hospital care. It includes things like inpatient care, home care and hospice care.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Value Ppo

Part B is your medical care. It includes things like doctor visits, outpatient and home care, medical equipment and more. Part B usually requires a premium that can often be deducted from your Social Security checks.

Aetna Coverage For Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Part C plans, also known as Medicare Advantage plans, are administered by private insurance companies, such as Aetna® Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are a lot like Original Medicare. But they can provide valuable additional benefits that Original Medicare does not. These benefits can include dental, hearing and vision care and fitness memberships.

And finally, there’s Part D. Part D plans provide prescription drug coverage. You can obtain Part D separately or by choosing a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part D. A Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part C and Part D coverage can often give you additional savings. When you enroll in a Part D or Medicare Advantage plan, you may have an additional monthly premium.

To get a Medicare Advantage plan, you just need to qualify for Original Medicare. To view these qualifications, visit

Before enrolling in a specific plan, make sure your healthcare providers,

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans In California: Comparing Options, Benefits, And Network Sizes


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