Best Nonfiction Books To Read In Your 20s – My twenties were wonderful! It’s the moment I loved the most in my life! I felt absolutely free and everything was possible for me. It was a time when I traveled a lot and read a maximum of 2 books a month – I just didn’t have time to read more! With so little reading, you’d think I’d put a lot more effort into choosing my books… I didn’t. Unfortunately, no effort was made to do so.

That being said, what I have here is a list of what really influenced me during this time – books I was lucky enough to stumble upon!

Best Nonfiction Books To Read In Your 20s

Best Nonfiction Books To Read In Your 20s

This book is what made me reflect on how I used to see things, always only in black and white. It opened my eyes to how life is so much more nuanced. The perspective I gained from seeing life through his eyes was invaluable.

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In Africa there is a concept known as ubuntu: the deep sense that we are only human through the humanity of others; that if we want to achieve anything in this world, it will be due in equal measure to the work and achievements of others. “Mandela’s Way”, Richard Stengel

Salvador Dalí is a surrealist painter whose originality and extravagance are legendary. His diary opens the eyes to the confidence he had in himself and his ideas. He saw himself as superior to everyone and the fact that he had so little regard for the opinions of others is what allowed him to create outrageous works of art.

He really seemed to live for that scandal. However, there are two other things that struck me:

The first is his love for Gala: she simply can do no wrong. I find it endearing.

Non Fiction Books You Need To Read In Your 20s

And second, it’s his many ideas. The way he thinks, the way he gets inspired and the way he combines unrelated ideas to create something unique is spectacular!

If you manage to get past his ego that shines through his journal, you’re sure to find something inspiring to learn from him.

Richard Branson’s life is nothing short of amazing. What he has achieved, his commitment to his business, his unconventional marketing, his understanding of his purpose – they are all wonderful.

Best Nonfiction Books To Read In Your 20s

“One of the best books I’ve ever read, full of great advice and shared experiences. It’s one of those books that, if there are many, has the potential to really influence and change our workplace and view of careers. If understood and recognized, it is a manifesto to help continue the changes in our society and improve gender equality. I’m really sorry and I recommend it to anyone.”

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“Lean” helped me see that I wasn’t being assertive enough. It made me think about what I have to lose if I don’t change, even just a little.

This book aims to solve everyday problems with reflection and meditation. The author is a psychologist who interviews the Dalai Lama, so the message is very clearly adapted to a Western context.

The life lessons are simple and well put to reflect the principles of Tibetan Buddhism. This is done in a way that a follower of virtually any religion can use, with no real religious interference, so if something like that is stopping you from reading this book, don’t.

What I liked about this book is to look within whenever I have to choose. It was very, very nice and gave me a sense of serenity and good humor that lasted for a long time. I still think about it from time to time.

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Unfortunately, this French book is not yet available in English. However, I have to mention it here because I was, for a while, obsessed with Gandhi. It was because of this book.

The way he sticks to his principles throughout his life is inspiring. This man changed the fate of an entire country with a single act of resistance.

What personally impacted me in this book is its shyness. As a shy person, realizing that a cause big enough makes you forget your shyness completely – this was life-changing.

Best Nonfiction Books To Read In Your 20s

This was a short list, but all of these books really inspired me! All of them have affected my life in different ways and made me think more about what I want and how I want to live.

The Best Nonfiction Books For Book Clubs That Are Sure To Spark Discussion

Aldous Huxley Alexandre Dumas Fils Alexandre Dumas son Apocalyptic fiction authors authors life authors work Author conversation autobiography book inspiration book recommendation Book review book review Books for 12 years Brave New World Camille City of Girls Classics colleen hoover courtesans Dystopia Elizabeth Gilbert End with us Jane Austen Jeff Goins La Dame aux Camélias lessons learned memoirs of life lessons Middlemarch Personal development Book Pride and Prejudice realism Romance Books in Romanian Self Help Book spoiler free review The Art of Work The Lady of the Camelias The Lady with the Camelias Verity week end book club 1 weekend read what to read next Your 20s are often considered the years for experimentation and adventure. Learning and making mistakes is part of discovering who you are. However, as you leave the safety net of formal education, you also move away from your comfort zone, which is both scary and exciting.

As you navigate the world as a young adult, it’s common to get caught up in the pressure of new responsibility. This is why slowing down, finding balance and enjoying life are important.

Your 20s are a great time for nonfiction reading, as it will expand your mind and equip you with habits to support daily wellness. Headway aspires to make reading and learning more accessible. So today we’re diving into the best non-fiction books to read in your 20s. This book list will guide you through the best tips and habits that will encourage positive change at this time in your life.

Twenty Nonfiction Books to Read in Your 20s1. Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explore the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

The 10 Best Books Through Time

For anyone interested in economics, criminology, or sociology, Freakonomics looks at life from a new perspective. Readers will travel through humor and wonder as they encounter the insightful insights of this text. The authors work together to uncover an alternative side to historical events and conventional wisdom. This book teaches you to question what you think you know and to consider new points of view.

If you want to expand your knowledge in your 20s, Bill Bryson’s book is a great place to start. By writing this text, Bryson was trying to make science accessible to the general population. It not only explores the history of the universe, but questions how we know the things we do. Try to simplify complex ideas to make them easy to understand and interesting to read.

Anyone who has been in their 20s will tell you that this decade is crucial for friendships. While you may maintain connections from your childhood, you’ll likely make new friends as well. This transition can be difficult for young people; thus, the following recommendation is perfect. Dale Carnegie writes about improving social skills, connecting with others, and most importantly, listening to those around you. This book will support all your relationships, from professional to romantic.

Best Nonfiction Books To Read In Your 20s

Understanding your own mind is sometimes the key to mastering it. In Thinking Fast and Slow, readers will learn how humans make decisions and what influences our choices. The author discusses internal biases and whether it is possible to change your thinking. This book will affect decision making throughout your life, career and relationships.

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If you’re looking for a book to teach you how to do everything, this might not be for you. On the surface, Four Thousand Weeks is a time management manual aimed at increasing productivity. However, once you dig into its pages, readers will learn that to be successful, you can’t do everything. Burkeman encourages you to do the things that are valuable to you. Take a realistic approach to task management and aim to reduce overwhelm along the way.

Some people don’t look for philosophy books in their 20s. Instead, they want practical advice that can be implemented immediately. Atomic Habits is just that: a helpful guide to establishing good habits. The author suggests starting with one small habit at a time. Once readers have mastered it, they can work on another short practice. You can read more about this manageable approach to forming habits in the Headway app.

7. The Courage He Doesn’t Like: The Japanese Phenomenon That Shows You How to Change Your Life and Achieve Real Happiness by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

It’s easy to get caught up in people pleasing. While being empathetic to others and making adjustments for them may be appropriate, sometimes pleasing people comes at the expense of our own happiness. The authors of this later text aim to empower you to live a fulfilling and happy life, even if it means other people don’t like it. It’s a great book to read in your 20s if you need the courage to put yourself first to change.

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