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The best shower filters of 2023 What are you waiting for? Remove lead (and chlorine) with these top shower filters for your home.

Best Shower Filter For Hard Well Water

Best Shower Filter For Hard Well Water

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, home water supplies may contain heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and bacteria. The best shower filters remove harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and other byproducts from your home bath or shower water.

The best shower filters last for years and are durable, easy to handle, and use materials that can trap any debris in the water. This guide will help shoppers choose the best filter to remove potential contaminants so users can bathe easily (and breathe safely, believe it or not) in the shower.

We researched the most requested shower filters in the respective categories and found that the best models are determined by their type, efficiency and degree of filtration, materials, ease of installation and other special features that include top brands.

When searching for the best shower filters available, the most popular types among users were Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF), vitamin C, shower head, in-line or shower head/in-line combinations with 1 to 15 levels of water filtration. . While each of our top picks is made for specific contaminants, most are capable of removing chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, dirt, odors, hard water, rust, sand and more, protecting dry skin, hair and nails. Select can also regulate the pH values ​​and bacteria of the shower water.

The 5 Best Shower Water Filters (and Why It Matters)

Most of these filters are made of durable stainless steel, ABS plastic or chrome and have standard fittings that are easy to install in a regular shower or shower head. Some of these picks also come in multiple finishes, provide water-saving features, and don’t hold water pressure.

Most shower filter customers are desperate to remove bacteria, compounds and heavy metals from their water supply. They can be sure that the following products can do it. We’ve done extensive product research to ensure that all of these easy-to-use models excel at their jobs.

The AquaBliss High-Output Revitalizing Shower Filter is designed for people looking to add filtration to their existing shower head. The in-line filter fits behind the existing shower head, making it barely noticeable.

Best Shower Filter For Hard Well Water

According to the manufacturer, 75 percent of the filter media in this device cleans impurities, and the rest adds vitamins and minerals to the water. The filter targets chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dirt and odors and claims to help improve hair, skin and nails. Filter cartridges should last up to 6 months (replacements sold separately); however, they wear out faster in hard water.

Is A Shower Filter Necessary?

People who want to remove contaminants and unwanted materials from their shower water while getting the most bang for their buck should consider this shower filter from Feelso. This model has 18 levels of filtration. It can deal with hard water, heavy metals and odors thanks to activated carbon, vitamin C, redox media and ceramic balls inside, providing healthier shower water.

This model from Feelso is easy to install. It features a standard screw-on installation process that installs behind the existing shower head, meaning users won’t have to worry about complicated plumbing upgrades to achieve better water quality. This model also uses universal filter cartridges, so if the user prefers a different filter, they don’t have to buy a whole new setup. The only downside is that this model, while inexpensive, only comes in one finish, so it may stand out in some bathrooms.

For those looking for a spa-like experience in their shower, the AquaHomeGroup 15-degree shower filter and shower head deliver results. A rare find, this set includes a metal shower head with rain style spray.

The filter contains layers of KDF, alkaline ceramic balls, activated carbon and calcium sulphite to provide high quality water with less impurities. It targets chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand and other deposits. Added vitamin E supports healthy skin and hair.

Ultimate Guide: Best Shower Head For Low Pressure Water

This showerhead may be the best choice for homeowners or renters who are concerned that an in-line filter might damage older pipes. Those with older plumbing may want to lightly grip the water pipe with pliers when installing the filter to ensure that the pipe does not become kinked and damaged. The built-in filtration system targets chlorine, fluorine and chloramine. It also softens well water as it removes rust, metals and other deposits.

Three settings (rain, heavy rain and massage) reduce water consumption so users can save on water bills and conserve precious natural resources. However, they may need to replace the smaller cartridges more often than other filter systems, which will cost a bit more (replacement filters are sold separately).

The CraterAquaSystem filter contains 15 stages of water filtration, including a silver layer to remove bacteria. The filter also contains KDF, Calcium Sulphite and Activated Coconut Charcoal to target fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, dirt and other deposits.

Best Shower Filter For Hard Well Water

The package contains two filter inserts, each lasting up to 6 months, 325 baths or 650 showers. After that, there are replacements from the manufacturer (which are sold separately and are expensive) or standard universal shower cartridge filters. Any shower head can be attached to this device, including handheld and rain style models.

What Are Shower Filters And Do They Really Work?

This in-line water filter from AquaHomeGroup aims to improve skin and hair quality and remove chlorine, bacteria and other impurities from well water. 15 Degrees includes Coconut Activated Carbon, KDF, Calcium Sulphite and Vitamin C to provide clean bathing water that won’t harm your skin, hair and nails.

It comes with two filters that AquaHomeGroup suggests changing every 6 to 8 months. This makes them one of the longer lasting cartridges on the list. When it comes time to replace them, universal cartridges (sold separately) can be used. It comes in several finishes, including chrome, dark bronze, and yellow gold, among others. And while it comes in these multiple finishes, the manufacturer isn’t clear on the types of materials.

The PureAction Vitamin C Shower Filter with Hose adds natural medicinals to its filter medium. Tourmaline can improve mood and metabolism, and negative ion balls can give the skin a boost. The manufacturer states that a lemon filter containing vitamin C can improve concentration and detoxify the skin. Zeolite beads remove heavy metals, chlorine and fluorine, while lemon, rose and lavender filters emit a pleasant fragrance.

This handheld unit comes with a hose that can be easily connected to the water pipe without the use of tools. The clear plastic construction creates an interesting and fun design. The vitamin C filter needs to be replaced monthly and the filter balls need to be replaced every 3-4 months (both sold separately).

Jolie Skin Co

In addition to the range of filter types available, there are a few other considerations for customers to keep in mind when choosing the best shower filter for their home. They will want to think about what the device is made of, how long the filter will last, and what it can filter to help with water filtration, dry skin, and better overall health.

The filters themselves are not very expensive unless they require frequent replacement. Consider a filter that uses affordable, long-life cartridges that are easy to find. Shoppers can use manufacturer or universal replacement filters. Shopping will reveal filters that last more than 1,300 showers.

When it comes to removable shower heads that have media and aroma filters in the handle, be sure to find one that is easy to maintain. These filters will likely require more frequent replacement, so it should be a simple process. Some of these devices have pellets in the handle. You probably won’t find a universal replacement for these pellets and handles, but you can find universal aroma filters.

Best Shower Filter For Hard Well Water

Most filtration systems claim to be 99.9 percent effective, so don’t settle for less. However, manufacturers are quite shy about what their filters can do; they don’t want to over promise. Still, shoppers should know what contaminants these devices target.

Best Shower Filters For Healthy Skin And Hair

Most shower filters are plastic; they last a long time and do not corrode. Customers can even find plastic with a finish that matches the other fixtures in their bathroom. The Chrome options are plentiful, but the selection in Bronze can be a bit more limited.

If people prefer to limit the use of BPA (bisphenol-A) plastics in their homes, there are several models that will meet this need. BPA mimics estrogen hormones, which can build up in the body to dangerous levels. This can cause a number of health problems, especially in infants.

Weight has a lot more to do with maintenance than actual filtration. Water filters are generally lightweight out of the box. However, after installing the filter and adding water, there is quite a lot of weight. Add dirt to that and they get even heavier.

In an in-line filter, all of this can put additional stress on the water pipe. The filter is installed at the end of the shower spout, which provides quite a bit of leverage once water and debris build up in the filter. The scale may bend

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