Books To Read Non Fiction – Kirkus’ diversity question is one of my favorites this year, and in the spirit of the theme, I wanted to make a broader range of recommendations than usual. So there you have it, my lucky 13 latest (or upcoming) books that celebrate diversity in all its glorious forms. My reviewers usually say it best, so I’ll go ahead and quote their reviews.

Magazine editors gather essays on immigration and the “meaning of home” from 20 emerging and established writers… A provocative intellectual collection.”

Books To Read Non Fiction

Books To Read Non Fiction

(Perennial/HarperCollins, rescheduled for June 23): “Part memoir, part social history, it’s sure to be the definitive book on Black hair politics, culture, and economics.”

The 50 Best Books Of Literary Journalism Of The 21st Century

Desus Mero, Darts of God-Level Lore (Random House, rescheduled to September 22): “Two very funny guys playing from the perspective of blacks and Latinos… In their literary debut, Desus and Mero showcase a series of back-and-forth debates on topics like masculinity , Dating, Drugs, and the Criminal Justice System.”

Annie Finch, Choice Words (Haymarket, April 7): “A powerful collection of poetry, fiction and essays about the reality of abortion… Finch brings together writers from across time (16th century to present), place and race. , ethnicity, gender, age and culture, which offer jarring, often harrowing revelations.”

Kent Garrett, “The Last Negroes at Harvard” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, February 11): “Harvard’s Class of 1963 talks about the experiment in affirmative action and its long-term consequences… An excellent contribution to the literature of civil rights and the African American experience.”

…offers a fierce and timely reflection on issues of race and gender from her perspective as a Korean American….In her view, the United States has achieved dominance through the “capitalist accumulation of white supremacy.”

Non Fiction Books I Loved And Think Everyone Should Read

Mikki Kendall, Hood Feminism (Viking, February 25): “The author candidly emphasizes that issues such as race, food insecurity, gun violence and poverty, among others, are feminist issues, with many of them duplicating or exacerbating other. ….Kendall demonstrates the problems associated with mainstream feminism’s lack of attention to intersectionality.”

Porochista Khakpour, The Brown Album (Vintage, May 19): “A collection of incisive essays on hyphenated identity…Provocative works that explode many notions of identity.”

Crystal Rasmussen Tom Rasmussen, “The Drag Queen Diary” (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, April 14): “A British queer performer’s account of a tumultuous year that became their defining moment. In this gloriously outrageous memoir, Rasmussen, appearing as both “Tom” and their alter ego “Crystal,” tells stories of the hardships and triumphs of life as a drag queen.

Books To Read Non Fiction

Bakari Sellers, My Vanishing Country (Amistad/HarperCollins, May 19): “In a candid and moving memoir, CNN political scientist Sellers, the youngest member of the South Carolina Legislature when he was elected in 2006, chronicles his evolution as a political activist. ….A strong voice for social justice emerges in a compelling memoir.”

Salon’s Favorite Books Of 2022 — Fiction And Nonfiction

Meredith Talusan, Fairest (Viking, May 26): “The author explores strange otherness with unsparing honesty and explores how accidental whiteness did not automatically lead to the fairest outcomes for herself or others.”

Phuc Tran, Sigh, Gone (Flatiron, April 21): “A high school Latin teacher and tattoo artist’s memoir about immigrating to small-town America from Vietnam and learning to fit in through reading, skateboarding and punk rock… An impressive debut.”

Emerson Whitney, “Heaven” (McSweeney’s, April 14): “It’s a question of my body and my story about it: Is it only mine?” So writes Whitney at the beginning of a narrative that is fragmented, elliptical and consistently provocative. ….An incisive, detailed exploration of gender and the body.”

Presents 290 industry-first reviews of fiction, non-fiction, children’s and young adult books; also in this issue: interviews with Alice McDermott, Ziwe, Eoin Colfer, Abigail Hing Wen; and much more. Here at, we don’t rely on impersonal algorithms to help you find your next favorite audiobook. We offer recommendations from real people: dedicated independent booksellers at our 1,800+ partner bookstores!

Non Fiction Book Suggestions For Your 2020 Reading List

Independent booksellers champion the books they love (be they bestsellers or titles that have gone under the radar but are nonetheless excellent) and help get them into the hands (and ears!) of readers who will love them.

Below you’ll find the non-fiction audiobooks in our catalog that have received the most frequent recommendations from our book seller partners.

“This book was very informative and a pleasure to listen to. Jason Reynolds has such a way with words and when he also narrates the book, you become immersed in the story being told. This is the perfect audiobook for high school students to listen to with their parents.” Lizzie, Books & Company

Books To Read Non Fiction

“Instead of reading that important book right away, Gladwell uses the podcast format to really engage the listener. Very engaging, interesting and educational, the audiobook is definitely a great way to read this book.” Melissa, Watermark Books

Best Nonfiction Books Of 2018 So Far

“A fun and heartwarming audiobook read by the wonderful author Stanley Tucci, it will make you laugh, hungry, and keep listening until the very end. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.” Olivia, Author’s Note.

“Lawson speaks to all of us who are weird, wacky and unafraid (but actually often afraid) to share our quirks with the world. Some chapters of this book touched me deeply, and I felt as if it was telling my own life. Other chapters made me laugh ugly, a person who turns the heads of strangers in public.” Jasmine, Bookery Manchester

“How a young woman who grew up without modern medicine, any education, or even a birth certificate in a remote Mormon family in Idaho, made it to college and eventually received a PhD from Cambridge is the incredible story of this memoir. Outstanding! This true story is beautifully written and told, heartfelt, funny, heartbreaking and even disturbing (that you’ll want to listen to at 1x speed) and is not to be missed!” Josh, Underground Books

“Lindy West makes honest observations about movies in a way that will make you laugh and rethink some of your favorite films from the 90s and 00s! Her witty comments are something we all NEED…even if you haven’t seen the movies. It is written by a smart and funny man who has strong opinions about things that don’t matter. The IDEAL audiobook for travel, listeners can jump in and out without losing their place in the book. *12 out of 10 DVDs of The Fugitive*”Emma, ​​Content

Do You Read Nonfiction Books Strategically Or Sequentially?

“A masterful look at the complexity of queer experience. Machado uses a kaleidoscope approach to explore her relationship with an old partner, a woman who abused her verbally, physically and emotionally, her personal experiences that led her to stay “in the dream house” of abuse, and society’s role in oppressing and devaluing women, especially queer women and women of color. Through a combination of long and very short chapters, examples of old folk tales and pop culture, and more realistic storytelling, Machado delves deeply into the confusing, twisted, and contradictory aspects of a toxic relationship in which the victim begins to doubt his own reactions. and motives. This is a #five-star review for us, and a #must-read! And the audiobook has Machado reading! Amazing, amazing, amazing.” Joanna, Bel Canto Books.

“It was the perfect audition at the right time. Memoirs, mythology, and reflections on the always-ignored fact that we must change our lifestyles to adapt to this sometimes brutal season. I will definitely come back to this many times.” Nicole, Yankee Bookstore.

“You may be cleaning the house or walking the dog, but Ruth Reichl will take you away—to New York, Paris and the world’s best restaurants in her own account of her years at Gourmet Magazine. Ruth is a consummate storyteller, and if you’ve read her previous memoirs, you MUST experience this latest one; she adds to her mother’s story (remember Tenderness on the Bone?) and inserts recipes and dishes from some of the big names in publishing and cooking. I’m so glad Ruth read her book to us; It felt like we had spent the day in a sidewalk café.” Cheryl, Book Passage

Books To Read Non Fiction

“David Sedaris’ storytelling abilities are only enhanced by the audiobook, in which the author himself tells us the harrowing tale of his beach house vacations. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and then you’ll listen to the audiobook forty more times.” Ella, Parnassus Books

Must Read Non Fiction Books To Better Understand Indonesia

“A wonderful, sweet read by the author. This is the perfect book for a long walk or trip and will make you see the world in a new way. Drawing on personal stories, literature, and science, Greene covers both small and big ideas and gets you to be grateful for things you might once have overlooked. 5/5 stars for this audiobook!” Katie, Bank Square Books

“Even if you’ve never listened to My Brother, My Brother and Me, you’ll love the wit, humor, and entertaining jokes the McElroy brothers bring to this easy-to-follow guide to podcasting. Whether you’re looking to start a podcast or are simply interested in what goes on behind the scenes, this fun book will delight and entertain. Plus, with 10 years of podcasting under my belt, who better to help you with tips and tricks on creating the best podcast possible.” Christine, Fables Books

“I love Susan Orlean’s writing, but I REALLY love listening to her. Animals is a wonderful collection of essays about animals. Thoughts on chickens (her), mules, pandas, dogs, etc.

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