First Steps To Starting A Photography Business – I was intrigued too, like someone who walks past a storefront only to stop and stare at what’s going on inside.

What do people think of me? Especially being a man! And my God, what would my mother think?!

First Steps To Starting A Photography Business

First Steps To Starting A Photography Business

Well, I’m happy to report that everything is fine… and my mom, who was initially skeptical about the whole thing, is now my number one fan.

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I want to start this guide with a very simple declaration — something like Neil Armstrong’s declaration when he first set foot on the moon.

What’s that? Do you need directions? Well, that’s the first thing you need to be able to say out loud to yourself before you move on.

Yes, lots of things. And since we are all unique individuals with different upbringings, experiences, religious beliefs, attitudes about sex, self-image, morals, fears, and doubts… the boudoir can bring on some of those things.

So, now that we have planted our feet firmly on the surface of this new world and spoken those brave words,

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There are many integral parts to starting a boudoir photography business. Some of them you may already understand, especially if you are a photographer switching from another genre.

For those less experienced with cameras, the learning curve will be much steeper, but fear not, with passion and persistence you too can start a thriving and successful business.

OK, that’s a lot, especially if you’re new to photography as well. If that’s the case, you have to learn to walk before you can run.

First Steps To Starting A Photography Business

If you are already an experienced photographer then you may be able to skip this first step, however you may want to see the information below, If You Are Already a Photographer.

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I don’t recommend trying to learn photography while trying to learn boudoir at the same time because I think there would be too many things for you to do at once.

It’s better to practice the basics without the added burden of having to worry about a subject because you’re mainly practicing getting the right exposure by utilizing the exposure triangle.

Unless you have a very patient subject to work on, it’s better to practice on inanimate objects. Only after you get the hang of it do I recommend practicing on human subjects.

You can get a cosmetology mannequin head to practice on, the kind commonly used to train hairstylists. Unlike the featureless white styrofoam type, these makeup heads have realistic skin, eye and hair colors. They also have a hole in the bottom so they can be placed on a light stand to place wherever you want.

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Just go to Amazon and type in “cosmetology mannequin head” or call your local salon or beauty school and see if they have one they’re willing to part with for a discount.

There are lots of online resources out there you can use to learn photography such as YouTube, Creative Live and other tutorials from photography teachers, so pick one or two and get started.

If you are already an experienced photographer, look at boudoir images and see if there are any areas of boudoir that might be a challenge for you.

First Steps To Starting A Photography Business

For example, are you confident in capturing silhouettes in natural light? Or shooting on a cloudy day with a strobe or flash outside the window to imitate sunlight? If not, you might want to brush up on these skills.

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For the boudoir, simply put, we will only focus on natural light, namely the light coming from the sun through the window.

If sunlight comes in through the window, you’ll want to soften it by installing sheer white curtains that you can buy at Target for about eight dollars.

I recommend ironing or steaming the pleats, then storing your curtains on a hanger if they can’t be attached permanently. This prevents any printed squares from appearing on your photos if you store them in their original plastic bags. A small detail but it will make your image look smoother.

You might think you don’t have enough light coming in through the window because the sun isn’t shining directly in that direction, but you might be wrong.

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When I first started shooting boudoir photos in my living room, I thought I didn’t have enough light because of the same scenario, but that turned out to be wrong.

There is an apartment building directly across from our driveway that the sun reflects, then back into my living room to provide more than enough light. So, take a few test shots if you’re not sure before thinking that your setup won’t work.

Position your subject upright in front of the window, so that the light falls on their entire body. This will create a hard white line down the edge of the cabinet to the window that then gradually fades and becomes darker as it traverses its body to the other side.

First Steps To Starting A Photography Business

This type of lighting creates highlights and shadows as well as gradations of light between these two extremes, showing depth and dimension in your subject.

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This is the same kind of light that master painters used centuries ago, such as Rembrandt, Rubens, and Vermeer.

Have your model stand facing the window and you get between him and the window. This will provide a soft and even glow to her face and body.

This light is flattering to elderly subjects who may want to minimize wrinkles and folds because it floods the subject directly, preventing the appearance of shadows from wrinkles or folds.

Place your subject with their back to the window with you in front shooting into the light. Now, you can shoot it two ways — as a dark silhouette or as a partial silhouette.

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In other words, because so much light is hitting your sensor, your camera will react to all the light from the window versus the little light (if any) coming off your subject. You may have to increase the exposure compensation setting to expose more of the subject and avoid black silhouettes entirely.

I prefer partial silhouettes over all black silhouettes because they are more three-dimensional and add mystery to the image through what can be seen, barely seen, and not seen at all because it is hidden in shadow.

Knowing how to properly pose subjects of various shapes and sizes to look their best is a skill that takes time to learn with practice.

First Steps To Starting A Photography Business

Just like a dancer learning a choreographed routine, they perform the movements slowly and awkwardly at first, then over time with lots of practice, make them appear smooth and effortless.

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You need some type of posing guide that you can refer to while practicing and even during paid shoots, you can refer to it whenever you draw a blank, or can’t remember what the hands are doing in a particular pose.

It also helps to have a guide handy to show your subject what you want if you can’t verbally explain what you want or demonstrate the pose yourself.

Personally, I do both. I show them pictures of the poses, then sometimes I do the poses myself. It depends on which one is faster to communicate information.

However, if the subject is lying in bed, it may take too long for him to get out of bed, have me get on the bed to demonstrate the pose, then get out of bed, then have him get back into bed. bed

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Chances are your model doesn’t know how to pose and it’s up to you to be the authority and show it.

You need to learn to pose and prepare about a dozen poses that you can direct him into. Save it to your phone, create a Pinterest board, or have a binder of pictures you print off the internet.

I recommend starting with two or three poses, each standing, kneeling, sitting, and lying on the bed, then shooting them wide, medium, and close-up to get a good variety of images.

First Steps To Starting A Photography Business

When you’re starting out, your mind will be thinking about a million different things and having a pose reference guide to refer to will really help you — and don’t worry about having to refer to it during the shoot. in front of your subject.

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In the future, you will memorize most, if not all, and everything will go more smoothly and quickly.

When you’re just starting out, you have to build your portfolio to show people that you can indeed shoot boudoir. There is a huge trust factor that comes with shooting boudoir and showcasing your work online will show people that you know what you are doing.

The quickest way to make this happen is to do a trade shoot, also known as a TFP shoot which stands for “time to print”. Basically you trade your time and skills as a photographer with a “model” who trades her time and skills as a model — and you both get images for your portfolio.

However, you will

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