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Free Government Phone For Senior Citizens

Free Government Phone For Senior Citizens

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92% of seniors in the U.S. own a cell phone, often a smartphone, according to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey. Cell phone makers have capitalized on this growing market by creating cell phones specifically designed with seniors in mind. But what’s a great device without an equally useful and understandable cell phone plan?

While unlimited high-speed data, mobile hotspots, and video streaming are standard features in modern cell phone plans—and features that younger generations want—these aren’t necessarily features that seniors need. Many older adults just want to stay connected to their family members and get help in case of an emergency.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of cell phone plans and the best options for seniors when it comes to coverage, cost and senior-specific features.

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When deciding which cell phone plan is the right choice for seniors, it is important to understand the types of cell phone plans available. Below are the most common types of plans.

Talk and text phone plans are for people who use their phones only to talk and send messages. They are great for seniors who don’t have smartphones or don’t use their phones to download apps, watch videos or browse the internet. Many cell phone service providers offer customizable or unlimited talk and text plans. It’s often cheaper than what includes “data” (or photos, videos and internet usage.)

If a senior wants to use apps, watch videos or make a lot of calls on their mobile device, an unlimited plan is a great option. Unlimited plans often include unlimited talk, text and data, so there’s no need to worry about running out of data or paying overage charges.

Free Government Phone For Senior Citizens

Prepaid cell phone plans allow you to pay up front for what you need each month, usually at a reasonable price. This plan is perfect if you’re looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality and coverage—and reduce the risk of any bill surprises at the end of the month. Various prepaid plan options on the market from basic talk and text options to unlimited prepaid data plans.

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In the past, you had to complete a credit check and agree to automatic payments and a contract with a wireless provider to start a new cell phone plan. Now, more providers offer flexible and affordable plans with no long-term commitment. With a no-contract plan, you won’t be locked into your current plan or provider if you need to make a change. Plus, you don’t have to worry about paying early termination fees if you cancel your service.

No one should have to worry about their cell phone working—especially seniors who need to be connected in case of an emergency. Choosing a plan from one of the major wireless carriers—Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile—can give you peace of mind knowing you have full nationwide coverage.

Looking for the best protection plan? Of the three major carriers, Verizon scored the highest in overall network performance and reliability, according to a January 2021 report by network testing firm RootMetrics. Verizon offers many phone plans, including the Unlimited Starter Plan for $30 per month, which provides unlimited talk, text and data. While it’s not a senior-specific plan, it connects you to where and when you need to be. Meanwhile, Florida residents may be eligible for Verizon’s 55+ unlimited plan that offers more discounts for seniors.

If you use your phone to video chat with your family, play games or download apps, make sure your phone plan includes data. Most providers offer packages that include “unlimited data” plans. This package can be a good option to minimize your risk of overcharging at the end of the month or running out of data when you need it.

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If you’re not sure how much data you’re using each month, check out our guide to determine the right amount of data. With this amount, you can use your phone whenever you like at a reasonable price.

Looking for an affordable unlimited data plan? T-Mobile offers three 55+ plans ranging from $27 to $45 per month, all of which include unlimited talk, text and data.

Get 6 Months of free wireless service with the purchase of a phone and a 6 month plan from Mint Mobile

Free Government Phone For Senior Citizens

If you don’t use a smartphone (or you use little or no data) but you make frequent calls and texts, you need a plan that includes the minutes and messages you use each month. Most wireless service providers offer monthly plans with a set amount of minutes and messages. If you want to save on your bills, a talk and text-only plan can be an affordable option.

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Looking for a talk and text only show? Republic Wireless offers an Unlimited Talk & Text Plan for $15 per month, with the option to pay monthly or annually for additional savings.

Many cell phone service providers have created inexpensive cell phone plans—some designed specifically for seniors. This plan can be limited to minutes for talk and text only. Many offer a basic package with options to add additional features.

Looking for cheap cell phone plan options? Consumer Cellular has affordable phone plans that are perfect for seniors looking for a low-cost, flexible phone plan. With no activation fees or long-term contracts, you can change your plan at any time without incurring additional costs.

The Unlimited Talk & Text + 3GB Cellular Plan for $25 per month is an incredible value. 3GB of data provides additional flexibility over standard talk and text-only plans and at an affordable price. The company also offers discounts to AARP members—typically a 5% savings each month.

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Some wireless service providers have plans and features designed specifically for seniors to make it easier to set up and use the plan—and understand the bill.

Looking for an easy-to-use plan? Mint Mobile makes things easy with cheap prepaid cell phone plans. While it doesn’t include a specific discount for seniors, the carrier’s 4GB plan costs new customers just $15 a month, with the option to pay $45 for three months at a time. That way, you don’t have to worry about complicated bills at the end of each month.

Lively is another wireless service provider made for seniors. With Lively, there’s no long-term contract and they have a selection of senior-friendly phones available that include features like instant response buttons and hearing aid compatibility. Lively provides several phone plans, starting with 250 minutes of talk for $14.99 per month.

Free Government Phone For Senior Citizens

Price and reliable coverage may be more important than features, but some wireless providers offer additional benefits specifically for seniors.

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Looking for a phone plan with extra benefits? Lively makes the list again with its advanced options for seniors, including Urgent Care, which lets you talk to a registered nurse or doctor with the push of a button. LivelyLink also updates loved ones about your health and safety and offers “fall detection” technology, which automatically connects you to an operator if a fall is detected.

Meanwhile, Consumer Cellular has partnered with AARP to provide additional benefits on all of its plans, including 5% off monthly cell phone bills and up to 30% off cell phone accessories.

Based on your answers, you can narrow down the type of cell phone plan that best matches what’s important to you. For example, if you have a smartphone and you often video chat with your family and play games

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