Georgia Pre License Real Estate Course – School Approval: Augusta School of Real Estate is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission to offer pre-license real estate courses as well as independent study courses for salespeople. This approval is valid until December 31, 2026.

Prohibition Against Recruiting: No real estate brokerage firm is allowed to recruit in the classroom or on the school premises. Report any solicitation on behalf of the brokerage firm to Tommy Stevenson (706-364-7653) or the Georgia Real Estate Commission at (404) 656-3916, including any solicitations on behalf of the brokerage firm.

Georgia Pre License Real Estate Course

Georgia Pre License Real Estate Course

Admission Standards: Students who meet educational and/or licensure standards and have adequate tuition funds will be admitted to the August School of Real Estate without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability. *Georgia Real Estate Licensing may prohibit licensing to persons with felony convictions. If you have questions, contact the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

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Instructors: All Augusta School of Real Estate instructors are certified by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. Tommy Stevenson, Vicki Stevenson and Beth Williamson are the instructors for our school. *Other approved instructors may be used at the discretion of the school.

Assessment: Pre-licensing students must score at least 75% on the final exam to be certified as having successfully completed the course. Students who fail the first exam are given an opportunity to take the second exam. Failure on this exam will require the student to repeat all class instructions.

Course Attendance: A student must be on time to receive credit for a course. Pre-licensed students may have two homework assignments provided all homework assignments are completed and at least 75 hours of classroom work is available.

Certification: Pre-salesperson licensing students who have satisfactorily completed the course and received a passing score on the final exam will be registered electronically with PSI testing centers, a state-approved testing service. If you do not email, you will have to wait 72 hours before contacting them to verify your state license. Continuing education students will register online with the Georgia Real Estate Commission upon satisfactory completion of the course.

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Refunds: Fees are due in full when students register for class. If a class is full and waitlisted, payment will be required only if space is required and the waitlisted student is enrolled in the course. Materials will be distributed on the first night of class. Once registered and paid, no refunds will be issued.

Make-up Policy: Under active circumstances, the principal may recommend a special make-up session for a student. This will be determined randomly. However, makeup must be completed within 90 days of the last class.

Note: The school reserves the right to defer any class that does not have 10 qualified students. Affected students will be notified of an alternate class time.

Georgia Pre License Real Estate Course

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Written by leading experts. Approved by all necessary state and federal agencies and associations. Powered by OnCourse Direct, our learning management system. Delivered using multiple learning methods. Available at your convenience. It ends with 1 million readers per year. This post provides all the information you need to better understand the Georgia Realtor Exam. This article contains essential study materials and frequently asked questions, including:

The journey to obtaining a Georgia real estate license is both exciting and challenging. We understand that preparing for the Georgia real estate exam can be incredibly stressful. The exam is the last hurdle between aspiring real estate professionals and their dream job.

With an average real estate salary in Georgia of $47,610, why is real estate becoming a career choice? Depending on experience, real estate agents can earn anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000.

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To become a real estate agent in Georgia and represent buyers and sellers in the real estate management process, a candidate must complete the following steps, including passing the Georgia Real Estate Exam.

Before a candidate can register to sit for the Georgia Real Estate Exam, they must complete 75 hours of pre-licensing education. This course covers all the topics you need to become a real estate agent. Topics include licensing law, agency law, regulation, and real estate finance.

Internet scheduling is available 24/7. For the online schedule, you must pay by credit card and complete your pre-licensing education at an approved school. To schedule, visit the PSI website and create an account. Select the exam and enter the ID number issued to you by the Commission. Your record will be found and you will now be ready to pay and schedule your exam. Once you select the desired test site, the available dates will appear.

Georgia Pre License Real Estate Course

If you have problems scheduling or have questions over the phone, contact PSI at 800-733-9267 You can confirm your exam by mail. Look for instructions in this PSI document.

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Candidates must bring two forms of identification on the day of examination. Calculators are allowed as long as they are not programmed.

If the mobile phone is not in the locker, the applicant will not be allowed to complete the exam.

A candidate salesperson must pay $119 for the exam. If you schedule an online appointment, you must pay the total amount by credit card when you schedule your exam.

You can take the Georgia salesperson exam as many times as you need to take. Each attempt costs $119. Examination fees are non-refundable.

Property Manager In Georgia: Requirements & Certifications

Students must take salesmanship exams at a PSI test center. The list of test locations is below.

The Georgia Realtor Exam consists of a total of 152 questions. You must answer 75% of the questions correctly to pass.

The exam is divided into two different sections, National Part and State-Specific Part. Students will need to complete each of these sections to pass the exam.

Georgia Pre License Real Estate Course

Exams can be tough, but that shouldn’t scare students. We’ve created a real estate exam preparation course to help students pass the first time!

Real Estate License Reciprocity Guide For 2023

Candidates must register for the exam using their surname as it appears on their government-issued ID. They must provide two forms of identification and sign a list to confirm their identity.

A candidate may bring a non-programmed calculator into the examination hall. Other personal items should be stored elsewhere. Watches, hats, wallets, and keys must be stored in the facility’s locker.

Candidates take the exam on a computer at the test center. You don’t need any computer experience or typing skills to take the exam. Applicants have four (4) hours to answer 152 questions. They must pass with at least 75%.

Candidates may use the following information for mathematical calculations in real estate examinations, unless otherwise stated in the question text:

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At School of Real Estate, we simplify your exam with our National Real Estate Exam Prep Course Program, which includes your pre-licensing courses and a variety of practice questions that will be found on the exam.

Access a comprehensive database of over 1,000 practice questions, course topic reviews, quizzes and glossary terms.

After completing the vendor examination, you will report to the test supervisor to receive your report. This score report shows your results for the exam and provides diagnostic score information for topics you failed.

Georgia Pre License Real Estate Course

After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate of accuracy and Georgia application information provided by PSI.

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If you fail an exam, the administrator cannot transfer you to another exam. You must register online, by phone or by mail.

Get early access to sales, helpful real estate tips, industry news, course updates – straight to your inbox. You will need to find a Georgia Real Estate Sponsorship Broker to work with after obtaining your Georgia Real Estate License.

Interested in pursuing a career in real estate in Georgia? This guide will help you find the answer:

If you’re looking to save time and money while learning to become a real estate agent in Georgia, you’ll love this updated guide!

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First, you’ll learn why you need a real estate broker license in Georgia. You will also understand why it is useful!

If you represent a buyer or seller of real estate and earn a commission from these activities, you need a real estate license in Georgia.

So, if you want to buy or sell real estate in Georgia on behalf of others (your clients), you must be a licensed real estate agent (also known as a real estate salesperson).

Georgia Pre License Real Estate Course

The Georgia Real Estate Commission and Board of Appraisers (GREC) protects the public interest by regulating the professional qualifications of real estate licensees.

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For example, a real estate agent in Atlanta


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