Gold Claims For Sale In Yukon – Looking to lease for sale. Fixed placer gold claims are transferred to the buyer’s name. 8 standard claims (each 500 ft x 1000 ft or 150 m x 500 m).

Price is 32 000 CAD. A discovery claim goes free (which is the source of water for mining on the claims).

Gold Claims For Sale In Yukon

Gold Claims For Sale In Yukon

Samples taken from the studied surface showed 27 ppm of Au recovery. From calculations of approximately 12 mg per vessel from the surface, one cubic meter is equal to 153 vessels of gold.

Yukon: Canada’s Wild West

This is not an exact dollar per yard amount. This is my “calculation” of your opinion. Measurements show that the valley is 600-700 feet wide and excavations will make it even wider.

I don’t know the depth of the gravel for sure, but due to excavation from the road it is more than 7-8 feet deep, and I estimate it to be 12-14 feet deep based on the average of the neighboring valleys.

The road is maintained during the summer by the Yukon government and other miners. In the depths of winter, the road is not maintained.

If traveling on a dirt road, the distance to the Alaska Top of the World Highway is 14 miles (20 km), about half an hour. The 50 miles (80 km) to Dawson on the Alaskan Peak of the World Highway takes about an hour and a half to drive.

Vandalism Spree Causes ‘tens Of Millions’ Worth Of Damage At West Coast Gold Mines

The mining season usually lasts from May to September, depending on the weather until October. California Creek is a tributary of the Sixmile River. The creek flows approximately 2m wide and .3m deep.

12 Claim area 1.08 sq km or 1,080,000 sq m (600 m x 150 m for each claim). Google Map

12 claims of gold-bearing gravels here in the Yukon that sell for less than $3000 per claim are very hard to find.

Gold Claims For Sale In Yukon

The valley is not forested, with most of the vegetation being 5-10 foot tall willow and aspen trees, except for standing spruce near the steam.

Dawson City & Tombstone Territorial Park

Livingstone Creek.

What is Livingstone Creek? Along with Eldorado Creek and the Klondike River, Livingstone Creek is the richest creek in the Yukon. A 75-mile winter road from Lake Laberge north of Whitehorse provides access to the Livingstone Creek area. There are several airstrips in the Livingstone area, so access is usually by fixed-wing aircraft from Whitehorse; Approximately 50 air miles (80 km) to the south-southwest is the main Livingstone Airstrip, which is 4000 feet (1220 meters) long and is home to DC-3 and Caribou aircraft. Local routes are more developed but still provide good access to many areas with all-terrain vehicles. Livingstone is a historic site for the Gold Rush. Placer gold was discovered in 1898 by miners en route to the Klondike. Most of the recovered gold consists of large, coarse lumps. Max Fuerstner is my neighbor ( Who is Max? – read here). Information about geography is here

I am looking for an investor, willing to sell to an investor 50% of 32 gold claims in Livingstone Creek (now lease stage and 3 miles long) 1000 CAD per claim 50% = 32 000 CAD.

If the research work is done and in good condition for 5-10 years, the price will be more than 3500 CAD per claim. Time for this restructuring is 1-2 months (2019 season).

Fortymile River Gold District

I have more information on earlier research work (1981 and others). Gold has been proven in my place.

Under the Placer Mining Act Yukon collects a royalty on gold shipped from the Yukon for export. Royalty is calculated at the rate of 2.5% of the value of the gold or such lower rate as may be fixed by the Commissioner-in-Council. For this purpose, gold is valued at $15 an ounce. ( 37.5 cents per ounce! ) Photo of Earth & Iron’s Yukon placer gold going up for auction at Ritchie Brothers on October 27, the day after the equipment sale. (screen capture)

Mining excavators pending worldwide online auction are on display at the intersection of Stewart Highway and Silver Trail near Mayo Yukon. (Lawrie Crawford/Yukon News)

Gold Claims For Sale In Yukon

Some of the 733 Gate Rock trucks modified for steep climbs are on display at the intersection of Stewart Highway and Silver Trail near Mayo Yukon, pending a global online auction on October 26. (Larry Crawford/Yukon News)

Mcwilliams Gold Claim

A full line of 733 Cat Rock trucks on display near Mayo pending live auction from Ritchie Brothers. (Lawrie Crawford/Yukon News)

“I was a sandbox kid from the time I was eating dirt. I wanted to be in it,” said Dean Gray, founder of Earth and Iron Inc.

Gray built that passion into a thriving earth-moving business, Earth & Iron Inc. The family-owned company had 200 caterpillars and built highways, cloverleaf interchanges and oil fields across Alberta.

Six years ago, Gray and his family partners wanted to change things up, so, like many before them, they looked north to the Yukon.

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They visited one of the stars of a television gold mining show that ran near Keno City. They liked what they saw, and recognized their competitive advantage.

Gray said he knew right away that their experience and mining equipment were the right type to mine for gold in the creek beds of the Yukon. In five years or so, he thought, he might try placer mining.

Unlike some gold prospectors in the Yukon, Earth & Iron took a technical approach from the start. They hired a former Yukon government geologist, another geophysicist fresh out of school and a third with two years of experience.

Gold Claims For Sale In Yukon

“We have our own little geological project. In terms of the earth-moving part of it, we’ll have an advantage with a lot of people going and pulling what we pulled,” Gray said.

Gold Run Creek 1

“We set up like Boy Scouts. We brought extras of everything – we had extra pumps and more equipment than we could handle in a day.

Gray brought his own equipment and people north. Otherwise, he spent millions in the Yukon and got everything he could locally. He admitted that we were a little surprised when we realized that the Yukon companies had not set up accounts for the miners, so they adjusted and paid as they went. According to government investigators, he followed the rules, worked with regulators and left claims clean and tidy.

“We found a lot of value and a lot of places, and we found some remarkable, they call it rare earth claws. It’s huge for us and it’s a unique find,” Gray said.

The largest nugget they found was 5.6 ounces. The uniqueness of their inventions lies in the smoothness of gold with absolutely sharp edges. Gray explained that the gold did not travel, or was smoothed and rounded by regular glaciation, down to gravel and movement. 5g Wifi 8 Core 1280 * 720 Resolution Car Stereo Radio For Gmc Yukon Tahoe Suburban 2007 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2010 2013 With Carplay Android Auto Android 12.0 48eq Airplay Rear 1080p Camera Swc

“When we excavated it, it probably came off the top of a vein or out of a vein. Typically, the claws you see are smooth and round. And some of these are sharp enough to cut your fingernail.

A year longer than Gray’s family expected. He tried one season with another of the gold-mining TV stars, but realized he didn’t like doing things. Gray worked with regulators, followed rules, explored new claims, bought others, built roads, spent millions and made millions.

“We bought some claims outright with existing licenses,” Gray said. “Then we developed some of our new holdings into licensed, explored ground. We bought some places where people hadn’t found anything, and we drilled and tested and discovered.

Gold Claims For Sale In Yukon

Gray and his son built what they needed. 773 Wet pay rocks like the tailgates on the back of 773 gate rock trucks were coming up the steep and deep slopes built from their excavations in the creeks.

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“It’s the Yukon — it’s the whole thing — it’s huge. The prospect and the creeks and the valleys and the vast landscape is just too big,” he said.

“We did a lot in a short amount of time, but it took a lot of work,” Gray said. “It’s hard work, some of the hardest work we’ve ever done, really. And I’ve done the hard work.”

On October 26, Earth & Iron’s mining equipment from Edmonton went to live auction. Ritchie Bros. Auction Company handled everything because Earth & Iron Mining was leaving the Yukon.

Now, in Mayo’s northern tip, the equipment is beautifully displayed in a gravelled courtyard at the junction of the Stewart Highway and the Silver Trail.

Gold Seekers Are Flooding Into The Yukon And Wreaking Havoc On Its Rivers

The replacement value of the equipment is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Used Caterpillar T-9s and -8s, along with loaders and hydraulic excavators lined up side by side, buckets and

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