Hail Storm Damage Car Insurance Claim – My father’s 4 month old Grand i10 Nio was hit by a hailstorm on 18th March 23 in my hometown. My father was driving home from work and suddenly it started hailing. In the evening, he parked the vehicle and reached the damage the next day.

He called me frustrated and shared the pictures on WhatsApp. I could count almost 40 dents from the pictures and videos he shared. I visited my hometown over the weekend and the damage was much worse than the pictures show.

Hail Storm Damage Car Insurance Claim

Hail Storm Damage Car Insurance Claim

He was clueless and said if it got any major scratches later we would completely repaint it. I then asked him to apply for insurance, he wasn’t sure and said it wasn’t covered. A quick google search shows otherwise, it’s covered as part of a comprehensive cover.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Hail Damage On Your Vehicle?

I quickly booked an appointment at Fusion Hyundai in Hyderabad for insurance claims. I was assigned SA within minutes. He wasn’t 100% sure if it would be covered by insurance and they already had a new Creta waiting for approval with similar damage. I pushed hard and said it has to be covered and I will approach IRDAI if necessary.

Played everything except live video. The claim was made and the wait began. The service center claimed 81,000 from the insurance company, they settled for 51,000 plus 1 k for the claim, which we had to pay. 1200 for Teflon

They got approval for 51 thousand. The work started and SA shared regular updates via Whatsapp. The service center took 3 days to do the job (impressive). All parts except the bumpers and lower parts of the doors were repainted.

100% dents were not covered. A keen eye would pick up a few dents. The service center stated that only 90% will be removed and the small dents are difficult to remove and will be filled with putty which we have to live with.

How To Navigate Your Auto Hail Damage & Total Loss Claim

The whole process took about 2 weeks. Well done Fusion Hyundai and Universal Sampo. You have earned my respect and a loyal customer for life.

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Once (several years ago with Bharti Axa) I applied for insurance almost 45 days after an accident. Luckily I had the toll receipt when the accident happened. I was let off with a stern warning. Insurance paid. The claim must be submitted immediately, regardless of when you want your vehicle repaired.

Hail Storm Damage Car Insurance Claim

Also, I don’t think you need to keep clippings etc all the time. It is not your responsibility to prove that there was a hailstorm. What if you are traveling from Hyderabad to Vishakapatnam and there is a hailstorm somewhere in between? You don’t stay there overnight waiting for the next day’s paper.

Hail Claim Denied In Bad Faith?

IMO, ASC didn’t serve you right….. I had a similar incident several years ago where my Indigo was hit by a hailstorm much worse and the entire car from the hood to the trunk had golf ball sized dents in the front. the windshield was broken, the fenders and doors on one side were dented and all including dents, the painting was covered by the insurance. Also, no photo or video evidence was asked for as it was there for all to see. The only difference is that I took the car to ASC the very next day of this incident.

It wouldn’t hold up IMO! I have seen severe hail storms with my own eyes, and if the hail is big enough, they will break the entire windshield, not to mention the sunroof.

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The recent hail storms in and around Hyderabad have wreaked havoc on cars. I have seen at least 4 cars in my office that have these micro dents all over the body. The damage is more noticeable in Magnite and Selto cars. Whether to fix them or not is a mystery.

Protecting Your Car From Hail: Everything You Need To Know

When my Civic faced a hailstorm in the US, the roof and hood of the car suffered enough damage, but neither the sunroof nor the windshield. I believe this is due to the shape of the hailstones, which are mostly almost round. Remember, even if you hit a car window with a hammer, it won’t break/splinter, but the trim on the same body will take significant damage. The windshield breaks more often than the sunroof for the same reason. The hail angle of the windshield also reduces or increases the impact.

After each hailstorm, major insurers camp out in a large parking lot to conduct on-site inspections, appraisals, and endorsements. Damage to the sunroof is absent or very rare.

Also, I don’t think you need to keep clippings etc all the time. It is not your responsibility to prove that there was a hailstorm.

Hail Storm Damage Car Insurance Claim

Every insurance company does their best to deny claims, trying to find fault with our claims. Many use delay tactics. Newspaper clippings can also be provided from online sources, not just local newspapers. In my case, I provided both offline clippings and links to online news. The more truthful information you provide, the more likely your claim will be approved.

What You Need To Know About Auto Hail Repair

Sorry to hear about what happened and glad you got over it. This is a good tutorial for me on insurance claims. I honestly thought it wasn’t covered by insurance. Nice post with details to help others in future when dealing with similar issues. I wish you happy kilometers on the bike and without problems. If you’ve ever walked up to a car to see those tiny bullet-shaped dents, you know how frustrating it can be. The culprit is hail, and it’s never fun to deal with. Hail may not be a big problem, or it may be extremely dangerous.

In 2022, hail storms were predicted to cause $1.1 billion in damage in 21 states. Hail can damage your home and even your car. Before storm season hits, it’s important to find out if your auto insurance covers hail. So, let’s get into it.

Not everyone has had the pleasure of experiencing a hailstorm. If you’re not familiar, hail is a form of precipitation that is solid ice. It forms inside a thunderstorm and can cause serious damage to airplanes, homes, and cars.

If hail is large enough, it can also cause injury to people and animals. Hailstorms are usually isolated and short-lived, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t scary. Having the right coverage ensures that you are protected from damage, especially if you live in a place where you experience it a lot.

Dealing With Hail Damage? All You Need To Know About Hail Repair!

You’re probably wondering which states have the most hail storms. According to the data, Texas has more hail storms than any other state, with an average of 667 hail storms per year. Other states with high rates of hail storms include:

These states experience hail of a half inch or larger at least five times a year. That’s a lot of hail! If you live in an area with a lot of hail, you need to protect your car.

If you’re facing a hailstorm, don’t worry. There are several ways to protect yourself and your car from hail damage.

Hail Storm Damage Car Insurance Claim

Sometimes you have no choice but to seek shelter. Find a covered parking garage and hang out until the hail passes. Storms are usually not too long. With advanced weather monitoring technology, you should be warned when a hail storm is coming before it can damage your car.

Does Car Insurance Cover Scratches And Dents?

Another thing you can do to protect yourself from hail damage is to buy a hail car cover. It works fast if you can’t find covered parking or live in a place that doesn’t have it. Using a car cover can prevent your car from getting dented and can protect your windshield from breaking. If the storm is very strong, the cover will at least reduce damage from dents.

Hail covers can be expensive. You can always throw a blanket over the car to reduce hail damage. However, we do not recommend sticking the blanket to your car. This can ruin your car’s paint and cause further damage.

Any hail can be smothered if you’re really in trouble. You can use towels, cardboard or plywood. Whatever you have on hand can at least reduce the damage.

Sometimes hail damage is unavoidable. If this has happened, you can claim on your car insurance. Before making a claim, you need to review your policy and make sure hail damage is covered.

Florida Hail Damage Insurance Claims Lawyer

You usually need to have comprehensive personal car insurance to cover hail damage. Car comprehensive insurance covers damages that are not under your control. This includes rocks, animals you hit, and hail. If you do not have comprehensive insurance, hail damage is unlikely to be covered.

If you have comprehensive car insurance, hail damage should be covered. This means that the repair costs are covered and you don’t have to pay

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