How Can I Get Approved For A Home Loan – So you’ve reset your SingPass, you’ve handed over your payslip for three months, you’ve filled out all the forms after an hour at the bank –

In addition to people not being able to get their HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter, some homebuyers have a more difficult time than others. This guide is for them – and for those of you, too

How Can I Get Approved For A Home Loan

How Can I Get Approved For A Home Loan

Want the wall-punching frustration of lining up at banks during your lunch hour to get rejected applications?

The Power Of Mortgage Pre Approval [infographic]

The first thing a bank or financial institution looks for is your credit score. It is obtained from the Credit Bureau of Singapore (CBS) which logs your various loans and repayment history.

Your credit report score is a four-digit number ranging from 1000 to 2000 (the higher the number, the more likely the bank will approve your loan).

A credit score is accompanied by a credit grade, ranging from AA to HH, with AA being the best score.

You can purchase a copy of your credit report from CBS for $6.42 by visiting their website (even if you get a denial letter, it comes with a way to check your credit report for free—how to do this is explained in the denial letter). Note that financial institutions banks do not charge you anything to look at your credit score.

Facts About Home Loan Process That You Should Know Beforehand

, a grade not worse than CC. Even then, your loan quantum (the maximum amount you can borrow) is likely to be reduced if your grade is BB or below.

In general, if your grade is CC, expect a maximum financing of no more than 55 percent of your property’s price or appraisal (whichever is lower). This can make it difficult to buy a property or afford a substantial down payment until you improve your credit score.

Likewise, it is important to repay all your loans on time and avoid having too many loans.

How Can I Get Approved For A Home Loan

Your credit score will eventually repair if you continue to make on-time loan repayments – but it can take up to 12 months for your consistent performance to show up on a credit report. Likewise, you should start working on improving your score as early as a year before making your home loan application.

Tips To Get Your Home Loan Approved Quicker

Hx indicates current or past bankruptcy. Note that if you’ve filed for bankruptcy before, you’ll usually have to wait approx

Some non-banking financial institutions may choose to give you a home loan until you are discharged from bankruptcy. However, the interest rate is usually higher than the rate charged by the bank.

Grade Cx will only appear if you have no credit history in Singapore. That is, you have never used a credit card, taken a personal loan, education loan, etc.

When your grade is Cx, there is no way to evaluate your creditworthiness. Since you are an unknown factor this may affect the decision to give you a loan (different lenders react to this in different ways).

Things To Follow While Getting Your Home Loan Approved Easily

A common way to avoid a Cx grade is to use a credit card purely as a payment method (ie you charge things to the credit card, but always pay the bill.

Another way is to take out a small loan of at least $1,000 and make consistent loan repayments over a short period of time.

This can turn your Cx into a perfect AA score if you do this about 12 months before your loan application.

How Can I Get Approved For A Home Loan

It is generally stated that the maximum loan tenure is 30 years for private property and 25 years for HDB properties. That’s not right; Here is a more precise explanation:

Secure Your Dream Home With A Pre Approved Mortgage: It Is An Essential Tip For A Smooth Buying Process.

The maximum loan tenure for private property is actually 35 years. However, your loan to value (LTV) ratio will be reduced to 55 percent if your loan tenure exceeds 30 years or if your loan tenure and your existing age exceed the retirement age of 65.

(The LTV ratio is the maximum amount you can borrow. So an LTV of 55 percent means you can only borrow up to 55 percent of your property’s price or appraisal, whichever is lower).

For example, say you are 38 years old and you want a 30-year loan term. This exceeds the retirement age of 65 (38 + 30 = 68), so your loan tenure drops to 55 percent.

Similarly, if you are 25 years old, but want a 35-year loan tenure, your loan tenure will drop to 55 percent (as long as you don’t violate the age limit, your loan tenure will be more than 30 years).

How To Get Approved For A Home Loan In 3 Steps

For HDB flats, the maximum loan tenure is 30 years. But the LTV ratio is reduced to 55 percent if your loan tenure is 25 years or the loan tenure and your age exceeds the retirement age of 65.

Their Income Weighted Average Age (IWAA) is used to determine their collective age for home loan purpose. The formula is as follows:

(Monthly Income of Borrower A x Age) + (Borrower B x Age of B) / Total Monthly Income of A and B

How Can I Get Approved For A Home Loan

For example, say you have a monthly income of $5,000 per month and are 42 years old. Your co-borrower is your spouse, who earns $6,000 per month and is 39 years old. Your IWAA will be:

How Will I Get My Home Loan Approved?

Note that the IWAA is reduced if the younger borrower is the higher earner or increased if the older borrower is the higher earner.

For HDB properties, you must meet the Mortgage Service Ratio (MSR). This restricts your monthly home loan repayments to 30 percent of your monthly income.

For example, say you earn $3,500 per month and your spouse earns $2,500 per month (for a total of $6,000 per month). Your maximum monthly home loan repayment cannot exceed $1,800 per month.

If you have variable income (eg you are self-employed), your income is reduced by 30 percent. So if you have $3,500 in declared income but work on commissions, for example, you count as earning $2,450 for MSR purposes.

Signs You Are Ready To Be A Homeowner

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TDSR applies to all property loans, whether for public or private housing (ie for HDB properties, you must meet both MSR and TDSR).

TDSR restricts your monthly loan obligations to 60 percent of your monthly income. It contains

How Can I Get Approved For A Home Loan

But you have car loan repayments of $1,500 per month, your child’s education loan of $2,000 per month and various personal loan repayments of $1,000 per month. These will reduce your maximum allowable home loan ($9,000 – $1,500 – $2,000 – $1,000 = $4,500 per month.

Get Pre Approved For A Home Loan Or Refinance, Aptos, Ca

Likewise, you should try to pay off as many of your outstanding loans as possible before applying for a home loan

As with MSR, variable income (commissions, rental income, portfolio dividends, etc.) is deducted by 30 percent while calculating your TDSR.

As of now, there is no bank that offers home loans for properties that are on lease for 30 years or less.

LTV may be lower for properties with leases of only 40 years. Depending on the condition, size and location of the property, some banks may refuse the loan. Non-banking financial institutions may be more open to the idea, although they tend to charge higher interest rates to account for the risk – you need the help of a good mortgage broker here, as they know how to negotiate with lenders.

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The location of the property is also important, but in Singapore, only certain parts of Geylong are a real “problem spot”. Banks generally do not lend to properties in the red-light area, which is considered lower than Lorang 30.

Again, non-banking financial institutions may be more flexible, but perhaps at the cost of higher interest rates.

If you are looking for a Singapore home loan for an overseas property, limited areas are approved. These are

How Can I Get Approved For A Home Loan

– For example, you may be approved for a loan for a house in West London, but unlikely for a property in Bristol.

Guide To Getting A Mortgage In 4 Steps

Some banks may block home loans for properties with legal issues. The most typical ones involve lawsuits with developers, like the one we saw with The Seaview in 2016.

It may not be possible to approve your loan, but some banks may want to wait for the situation to resolve before granting the loan.

Banks may deny loans if they see that there is a potential legal dispute involving the property (eg the seller’s ownership is contested).

If all the math is giving you a headache, here’s a simple solution: Go to the bank and get an AIP before you start looking for a house. AIP clearly states how much the bank will lend you if you buy within a specified period

A Simple Home Buying Timeline For First Time Buyers


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