How Much Will Progressive Pay For A Totaled Car – Have you ever wondered or asked, “How much does insurance pay for wrecked cars?” No one wants to have an accident and have their car destroyed. In addition to the injuries from the accident, the headaches for the insurance company, and the damage to the car, no one wants to hear that they will have to deal with a totaled car.

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How Much Will Progressive Pay For A Totaled Car

How Much Will Progressive Pay For A Totaled Car

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After an accident, if the cost of repairs exceeds 70% of the car’s value, insurance companies would consider it a total loss, or a totaled car. For example, if the car is worth $20,000 today, and the total cost of repairs as recorded by the shop exceeds $14,000, the insurance company will consider it “totaled.”

Given this calculation, you might be wondering how exactly insurance determines the value of your car. Because they use this as a benchmark to determine whether to pay for repairs or consider them a total loss, it’s important to be aware of the methods insurance companies use to determine a car’s fair market value.

This method simply uses the average of all retail values ​​of similar vehicles listed in current editions of the “Automobile Red Book” published by Penton Media, or “N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide” published by National Automobile Dealers Used Car Company.

You submit a quote to your insurance company for a similar vehicle available for purchase at a dealership within 25 miles of your home.

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Insurance companies use an approved source, including computerized databases – from Audatex, Mitchell International and CCC – that produce fair market values ​​of substantially similar vehicles.

The third method is the most used among the top 10 auto insurers in Arizona, including State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, Geico, USAA, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Pekin, Safeway and American Family.

If all three methods do not represent a true cross-section of your local market to determine the fair value of your car, the insurance company must use the best method available.

How Much Will Progressive Pay For A Totaled Car

Insurance companies are also required to fully explain, in writing, how they calculated the total payment for the car insurance they are offering you. In addition to showing which method was used to value your car, they also need to itemize all additions, deductions, and sales taxes.

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Yes. However, deductions for previous damage or rust must be itemized with specific dollar amounts. The amount by which the car’s resale value increases with the elimination of previous damage is the amount the insurance company can deduct from the total car insurance payment.

If your car is considered a “total loss,” the insurance company will offer you to pay the actual cash value of the car. Your car’s cash value is based on the sales price of similar vehicles in the Phoenix area.

Accepting a cash offer from your insurance company can help you buy another car similar to the one you had before. However, there is a good chance that the first insurance offer will be low – and you may be able to get more.

Before you accept the car insurance full payout offer, compare it to the value of your car — same make, model, year and condition before the accident — listed in Kelley Blue Book or on the Edmunds website. If KBB lists a higher amount than the insurance offers, you can ask insurance to increase its offer and use the KBB listing to support your request. However, if you and your insurance company cannot agree on a cash value, you can submit the dispute to binding arbitration.

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If you’ve upgraded your car with new tires, rims, or even a custom paint job, you can argue that your car’s value is greater than the KBB and full auto insurance payout offer.

According to the Specialty Equipment Market Association, the average consumer spends about $2,000 on options or modifications during the first year after purchase. By providing proof such as receipts and invoices, you can also be partially compensated for any additions or upgrades to your car.

Since you cannot drive your car, you incur additional expenses that would not otherwise have occurred. This includes car rental, towing costs, car storage expenses, decreased value of your car due to the accident, etc.

How Much Will Progressive Pay For A Totaled Car

If the other driver is at fault, he or she must compensate you for these expenses due to the loss of use of your car.

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At the Phoenix accident and injury law firm near you, we have more than 15 years of experience helping clients obtain compensation for their injuries, including those arising from full auto insurance settlements in the Phoenix area. When you’re ready to talk, contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation by phone or at our Chandler office, conveniently located near you.

We can help you with paying for your car insurance in full. Contact the Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm in nearby Chandler, AZ to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. We provide personal injury legal services to clients in your area, including  Chandler,  Gilbert,  Mesa,  Scottsdale,  Tempe, and  Peoria.Partner Content: This content was created by a Dow Jones business partner and independently researched and written. Links in this article may result in me earning a commission. To know more

Progressive earns a 9.0 out of 10.0 and our Best for High-Tech Drivers award due to its affordable prices and flexible options for certain driver profiles

Reviewed by: Mark Friedlander, Reviewed by: Mark Friedlander Advisor Mark Friedlander is Director of Corporate Communications at the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I), a New York-based nonprofit research and education organization focused on providing consumers with a better understanding of insurance. Mark serves as Triple-I’s national spokesperson, handling a wide range of insurance industry media issues. His responsibilities also include leading the association’s communications strategy for hurricane season and supporting member businesses and media outreach in Florida, where he is based.

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We rate Progressive as one of the best car insurers of 2023. In our Progressive insurance review, we at the Guides team will break down the provider’s auto, home and life insurance coverage rates and options, explore who Progressive might work for better and we will compare to other popular insurance companies.

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The Guides Team is committed to providing reliable information to help you make the best decision possible about your vehicle insurance. Because consumers trust us to provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive rating system to formulate our rankings of the best car insurance companies. We collect data on dozens of auto insurance companies to rank companies on a wide range of ranking factors. After 800 hours of research, the final result was an overall rating for each provider, with insurers that scored the most at the top of the list.

How Much Will Progressive Pay For A Totaled Car

Backed by 765 hours of research, our team recognizes Progressive as the best option for tech-savvy drivers. The company received a 9.0 out of 10.0 from our analytics team, based on performance in five key areas: reputation, availability, coverage, cost and customer experience. Below is the breakdown of Progressive scores in each category:

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Purchasing a Progressive auto insurance policy can be worth it for many drivers. The insurer has a wide selection of auto insurance policies and add-on coverage options, although customer reviews of progressive insurance are mixed.

On average, Progressive’s full coverage rates tend to be about 1% more expensive than the national average for good drivers. For drivers who may be considered high risk, the provider is a great option for cheap car insurance. The company can also appeal to a wider range of drivers with flexible offerings like usage-based insurance and ride-sharing insurance. Here are some additional features that Progressive offers that set it apart from its competitors:

Pros A+ Financial Strength Rating from AM Best Wide selection of coverage options Usage-based insurance discount Highly rated mobile app

Our team identified a strong focus on personal connections at Progressive, as many drivers mention helpful and understanding customer service agents. Although the insurance company is in excellent financial health, some negative reviews mention that Progressive’s offerings are not as reliable as those from other car insurance companies.

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