How To Conduct A Successful Job Fair – Creating a job fair is easier because it gives you the built-in tools and technology to easily create, promote, and host a successful job fair that attendees will love.

The platform offers an intuitive, secure and reliable set of solutions that enable job fair organizers to seamlessly plan, market and host real-time experiences that job seekers and hiring managers love.

How To Conduct A Successful Job Fair

How To Conduct A Successful Job Fair

Effortlessly create a job fair page that delights job seekers with a highly efficient registration flow and user-friendly features from registration to check-in.

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There are many moving parts that need to come together for a successful corporate or government job fair.

Built-in tools, resources and expert guidance help ensure a smooth and stress-free planning process for recruiting and hiring managers at the job fair.

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Reach more people on the world’s largest and most trusted events marketplace. Everything you need to host outstanding events and earn more.

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Ticketing capabilities and integrated digital marketing tools help turn browsers into buyers. Your event tickets with automatic QR codes at check-in also make the contactless check-in process quick and easy for attendees when they arrive at your event.

How To Conduct A Successful Job Fair

Comprehensive event planning toolset provides everything you need to post your event, create event tickets, and accept tickets on your event pages or through the mobile app.

Itec Virtual Advising Day And Job Fair

By posting free events on the world’s largest event technology platform, you’ll benefit from increased visibility in the global ticketing market, where millions of people seek real-time experiences every day. Recruiting at job fairs involves attending events where employers and job seekers meet. , which allows companies to interact personally with a large number of potential candidates. This is valuable as it provides a platform to showcase the company’s brand, interact directly with candidates and speed up the hiring process through on-site interviews.

Job fairs are like speed dating for recruiting. At a fixed time and place, companies and job seekers meet and try to find out if they are a good fit. To make sure you’re promoting yourself at the job fair and attracting the most qualified candidates, take the time to plan your job fair recruiting strategy.

To get the most out of a job fair, select the optimal event based on your recruiting needs and plan your attendance. Start by making a few decisions:

Depending on your industry, current recruiting needs, and the type of candidate you want to recruit, select or plan a job fair that is worth your time, effort, and money. For example:

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Once you’ve decided which event you want to attend and who will be attending, contact the event organizers. You will probably have to pay a participation fee and provide information about your company and vacancies. Organizers may also request your logo to prepare your booth and include your company in event promotions.

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Workable helps you build and promote your brand where your next candidates are. You’ll always be there, whether they’re actively looking or not.

How To Conduct A Successful Job Fair

Work with external or internal designers to create an attractive booth with banners and images of your company. In addition, order:

Recruiting Metrics You Should Track

If you want to offer gifts to attendees, choose something out of the ordinary. Pens and stickers with your logo are nice, but they don’t help your business stand out. Instead, choose something that represents your company’s culture.

Here at Workable, we believe that hiring shouldn’t be a pain for companies or candidates. Therefore, we offer anti-stress coloring books to job fair participants:

You have a limited amount of time with each job seeker, so prepare your questions. Here’s what to ask:

A few weeks before the job fair, announce that your company is hiring and participate in the event. Post details on your social media pages. Job seekers who are familiar with your brand or want to get to know you will know which booth to visit.

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Note that if you’re attending a closed event, such as a college career day, you likely won’t be able to invite people. But you can still advertise on social media to let attendees know where to find you. Also, consider posting pictures while you’re there to build your brand.

On the day of the event, arrive early to set up your booth. If necessary, bring laptops so that candidates can view your website and gain a better understanding of your mission and products.

Job fairs are just the first step in your hiring process. So don’t keep qualified candidates waiting. The sooner you contact candidates, the more likely they will remember you.

How To Conduct A Successful Job Fair

Contact the event team to discuss general impressions and high-potential candidates. Decide if this job fair was beneficial to your recruiting efforts and discuss how to improve your strategy for next time.

Recruitment Strategies For Hiring Great Employees

To better understand the benefits and costs of a job fair, it is useful to measure key recruitment KPIs and compare them to other recruitment strategies. Ask questions like:

A successful job fair requires detailed planning, creativity and strategic execution. It’s an opportunity to interact with potential candidates face-to-face, providing a more in-depth understanding of their capabilities than online job postings.

Employers should bring company literature, job applications and knowledgeable staff who can answer questions about the company and potential jobs. It helps in effective communication with the candidates.

Common questions include personal and professional inquiries such as “Tell me about yourself,” “How did you hear about this position?” and “What do you know about our company?” They help assess the candidate’s interest and suitability.

Job Fair Recruitment: A Planning Guide For Employers

Job fairs allow recruiters to meet and screen large numbers of candidates in person in a short amount of time. It can speed up the hiring process by allowing for on-the-spot interviews and instant feedback.

Job fairs provide a platform to showcase a company’s brand and culture. Direct communication with potential candidates can help create a positive and lasting impression of the company.

Use AI recruiting technology to find top talent and post to over 200 jobs with just one click. With Virtual Tactics, you can stick to best practices for communicating with students before, during, and after virtual career fairs.

How To Conduct A Successful Job Fair

For recruiters, virtual career fairs are a powerful way to expand relationships and leverage interschool connections during busy seasons. And virtual career fairs have so many benefits for both students and employers: accessibility, engagement, efficiency, time savings, cost savings, convenience… the list goes on.

Key Steps To Develop Effective Staff Recruitment Budget

In fact, virtual fairs help equal opportunities for women, people of color, neurodiverse students, and people with disabilities. These groups report that virtual recruiting is less anxiety-inducing, easier to balance, and more accessible compared to meeting potential employers in person.

According to Handshake research, 80% of most students and recent graduates want to attend a career fair before applying for a job.* Why? The first reason given by the students is “to ensure that there are opportunities for growth and development in the company”.

So you know virtual career fairs have a place in your early talent acquisition strategy, but you may still be asking: How can we attract students to our sessions and provide the best student experience possible? At on-site fairs, food, dishes and even your own mascot offer you additional attraction. How do you attract students at virtual career fairs – especially if your brand is less well-known?

Check out the following 7 ways to stand out before, during, and after your next virtual career fair.

Camden Job Fair

With 66% of students and recent grads looking to receive proactive messages from employers to help them with their job search*, contacting candidates early is key to getting their attention. Filter through over 13 million student profiles to find your qualified talent matches. This gives you the ability to message these students one-on-one and proactively invite them to your virtual career fairs.

With Handshake Premium, you can create custom groups for each of your open roles and connect directly with potential candidates to invite them to your virtual trade show. More information →

Today’s students and recent graduates want to know that their first or second job outside of school is impactful. Make sure your business profile on Handshake speaks to your mission and values. But don’t leave it up to students to research your business. Reach out to qualified students and use this as an opportunity to provide more insight into your company’s culture. For example, share “day in the life” stories from current employees or thoughtful short videos involving cross-functional senior leaders.

How To Conduct A Successful Job Fair

A tip. When adding a virtual session to your message, present to students

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