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Dressing your age has been lost in translation given many factors starting with what a woman’s age actually is, does it particularly dictate whether a woman should look a certain way or dress a certain way? Pop culture is one of the biggest influencers of the modern era, many rules have been thrown away, many more have seen the light. Gone are the days when women who weren’t in their twenties were allowed to wear knee-length skirts or wear a crop top because of some insecurity.

How To Dress In Your 20s Female

How To Dress In Your 20s Female

Those days and such things are now a thing of the past and this can be attributed to many things ranging from fashion trends that constantly populate the horizon, pop culture celebrities known to be major influencers in recent times and the drive to get with the memo. and not be left behind. But the question now is, do women really know where to draw the line and dress according to their age group? No one is saying a woman in her forties has to don snowy sweaters and maxi skirts or ladies in their twenties can’t rock Palazzo pants with a tunic top. There was a lot of mixing and matching and now most women can’t figure out where to draw the line, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for women in their thirties to wear outfits that are typical of teenagers, if there’s any benefit to fashion is not in recent times it will be the fact that style and panache solely depends on how you decide to interpret your look so regardless of the fashion trend your interpretation of the look goes a long way which is exactly what this article is about For more explanation here are tips.

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Women in their 20s: You are in your twenties, you are allowed to experiment, try new things, understand your sense of style because the tendencies that your style will evolve is very high. Etiquette is no longer your priority, but style and comfort, although Charla Krupp, author of “how not to look old” wants women to stop forsaking style for comfort, giving them an excuse to use gym clothes as wear a real outfit, so it is necessary to balance both. Dressing up shouldn’t be a chore or some kind of fulfillment to stand tall among your peers when it comes to trend, because only then will you start dressing up feeling like you have to impress someone or on ‘ must look a certain way because a truckload of young women look like that. If asymmetrical dresses aren’t your thing, you’d rather cut out dresses, then just go for it, if you don’t like crop tops but prefer off shoulders, then this is what you should do.

Women in their 30s: I think this is the coolest age for your fashion sense because you’re older, more mature, you’ve come into your element and you’re sure where you want to be fashionable, which is great because even if you decide to to go for above the knee options you can pull it off as smooth as possible. Being fashionable is more than just the basics and if you intend to dress your age then you should be aware that with the wide variety of fashionable pieces in the world today, you have no reason to be left behind . At this age it is important to work with your body, know what fits and what works for you. Cut out the shopping with a size thing and buy to fit your body. If you are saddled with shopping for size 8 dresses when all the size 8 dresses are too tight to fit your body, maybe try size 10 dresses, it doesn’t mean you are fat, it just means you look much better in certain sizes. You can definitely pull off shorter hemlines as long as it doesn’t make you look like you’re competing with your daughter for attention.

Women in her 40s: Classic essentials are what you should fill your wardrobe with, build a timeless wardrobe with pieces you will wear every day, also go for pieces that are playful and fun. At this point, it’s imperative that you embrace color because it will help you rock outfits you didn’t think you could rock. Stylish and practical clothes are necessary and very important, they tend to play a versatile role as well.

Women in their 50s: At this point, you’re likely to invest in quality over quantity. Tailored pieces are essential and you’re already sure of the looks that work for you and the ones that don’t, in the end you’ll probably look soft and updated instead of  groggy. Your 20s can be both an exciting and difficult time. You become a little more determined and at the same time begin the daunting task of carving out your own path. But what clothes should you wear in your 20s? As you find out what you like and what suits your taste and lifestyle, you will inevitably create your personal style. Do you tend to gravitate more toward preppy stripes and pops of pink lipstick, or do you gravitate toward earthy tunic cuts and bohemian prints? Maybe it’s simplicity you crave and find yourself drawn to clean-lined cigarette pants and classic white shirts, or you’ve gone the exact opposite direction and feel a spark every time you see something intimidatingly bold and trendy.

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Whatever your style—and no matter how many times you’ll change it over the course of those 10 years—one thing that will remain pretty much constant for all the 20-somethings out there are the style tips you learn in your 20s. Many of them are tried by embarrassment, others are gracefully encountered, while others are learned by observation and study. Here are the seven style tips you’ll learn (and need to know) while you’re in your 20s.

When you don’t know your personal style yet, it’s tempting to go all in and overdo it with the trends. While a suede skirt with a fringe jacket, chambray shirt and bolero tie might look attractive in an editorial spread, it might be a bit overzealous when ordering a caramel macchiato. Sometimes everything will work, or sometimes it will make you cringe and block away the memory. For example, when I was fresh out of college, I was obsessed with looking like Lucille Ball. I wanted the full skirts, the headscarves, the petticoats, everything. Suffice it to say there are some pictures on the internet where I just want to slowly put my head down on the table.

A good tip to learn is that moderation is key – your style is more defined when you weave a trend through your wardrobe, rather than having it completely dominate. Don’t stop trying out the trend, no matter how bold or loud it is, just dip a toe into it before you paint yourself head-to-toe with one personality.

How To Dress In Your 20s Female

Style rules are helpful when you’re just starting to figure out your taste and learn all the different ways you can bring pieces together. They are like little life rafts. Before you overwhelm yourself with all the sartorial possibilities reserved for more advanced students, focus on the beginner stuff first and try not to mix equally busy patterns together and keep your brown and black accessories separate.

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But after you get past the initial learning curve and feel more confident with your taste and sartorial eye, ditch those style rules. According to Marie Southard Ospina, a fashion editor here, staying away from horizontal stripes, avoiding bright colors, and being too afraid to mix pattern are style fears we all have to overcome. As long as a pairing feels right, it’s right.

Again, rules for dressing for your body type or choosing so-called “flattering” cuts for your shape are great for people who are still figuring out how to be confident and proud of their own skin. Self-esteem requires a difficult formula, and it takes time to appreciate and respect your body. But once you start feeling more confident with the woman you’re shaping yourself to be, you’ll quickly learn that there are no rules any body type has to follow.

If you want to wear it, you will find a way. Short girls can wear maxi dresses, tall girls can wear sky-high heels, curvy girls can wear tight wrap dress numbers, and petite women can wear baggy, duvet cover-sized clothes. Don’t limit yourself.

After many pieces bought, ignored and then donated with their tags still on in the first few years of your 20s, you will

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