How To File For Identity Theft – I am a successful businessman. You have a percentage of the business enterprise in your city. You are as influential as your city mayor, or not. You are more influential to him than he is to you. They call you Boss Tom. And then one day, suddenly, a name Boss Tom came in the news. You thought it was another man who has a name like yours. The news was bad news, bad news. They are looking for you. Yes you, boss Tom. And you wonder, why? You have not committed any criminal act. You are a good man. This guy flew out of town using your name. Later, banking institutions try to reach you only to find out that you have transferred a large amount of money. You have no knowledge about the banking transaction, someone must be using your ATM, your ID, your whole being.

This is just one of the scenarios that can happen if someone’s identity is stolen. It’s not just an ID card or an ATM card; more than that, it is theft by someone who tries to steal everything from you, everything you have. Example of identity theft victim complaint

How To File For Identity Theft

How To File For Identity Theft

There are many forms of identity theft. It can be as big as stealing a bank account to a simple fake pose on social media. Here is a scenario where someone poses as another person on the social media account.

Free Id Theft Affidavit Template & Faqs

A guy is in love with this beautiful beautiful lady. Then look for their Facebook account. Voila! He finds it. But she is so beautiful that an ordinary man like him will not win her heart. What he does is use pictures of someone who is really good looking. The moment the girl notices his poke, or PM, or friend request, she will definitely accept his request or messages. His good looks lead the woman to be intensely curious about him. They become so close, and before they know it, the girl becomes attracted to him.

To make a long story short, he falls in love. But they haven’t met yet. When the moment comes when they should meet, the guy has no idea how to solve this kind of dilemma. But they have to meet, as in many other stories. They had And when they actually met, the girl, to her surprise, could not believe what she saw. What do you think is the end of this story? Will she still be married to him? Or is he going to dump her for not telling the truth? But she already fell in love with him, apart from his face.

What you just read is just a made up story. But unlike any other made-up stories, this is the kind of story we’ve already heard on the news. We attribute many crimes to identity theft. But do we have a follow-up for people who don’t tell the truth, so they don’t show their true faces? What would you do if you found out that someone was using (a photo of) your face, because they think you’re beautiful, to flirt with beautiful women? What would be your reaction if you see a stranger and his profile picture is you. Do we have a legal system to protect these victims? Is there a regulation on this defect, at national or international level? And if he is only using a photo of you to promote, because he is a fan of yours. What if it doesn’t hurt. It seems that there is no system regarding this issue. ID Theft Affidavit IRS Example

If the woman in the story, still falls in love with the guy even after realizing that he is not really who he is, will he clear the crime of identity theft? But if the woman, after seeing the guy, turns from being a lover to an enemy, can she make a case against the guy? If so, for what reasons – to lie, to break his heart, to steal someone’s face, or to use someone’s photo? Who is really the victim here, the woman in the story or the one whose identity was stolen? It’s probably the last one. If this happens in your area, please report it to the authorities immediately. If this happens to you, you can at least file an affidavit of identity theft. Alabama identity theft affidavit example

What Is Identity Theft?

Like any other affidavit, an identity theft affidavit is a sworn statement with a witness that proves someone has stolen your identity.

Identity theft is a serious offense. If you are the victim, you will need to provide an identity theft affidavit. This will make your claim more credible than just sharing your grievances. The affidavit reinforces your claim because in an affidavit, you have been made to swear that what you want to be written and read in the document is true. And you can be responsible for something if something is proven to be false.

Getting an identity theft affidavit is easy. The fastest way is to go to a notary office. In a notary, everything will be prepared, from writing or editing the paper to the signature.

How To File For Identity Theft

The other method of providing such a document is to do it yourself. There are many templates that can be downloaded from the Internet. These models will come in handy since you only need to replace important information such as names, address, date, the name of the case.

Common Types Of Identity Theft

In any case, if you prepare the document yourself or just let the notary do it for you, you also need someone as your witness, as well as the signature of a lawyer. Remember to make the affidavit as soon as possible. Delaying it will only weaken your claim. Instructions for completing the sample affidavit of identity

Be as specific as possible. To be precise, it means that your content should be as objective as possible, and make it less personal.

Write less, but it must be complete in details. Make sure you don’t add anything that isn’t necessary. If you’re making your own affidavit, it’s best to just use a template. In this way, your words will be guided and with limitations than if you write a new one from scratch. Remember, preparing an affidavit is not a regular thing to do for ordinary people.

You can include in the statement all the information when the fraud occurred – where, how, who, when. This will show patterns of fraud and eventually can be useful in the investigation.

How To Report Identity Theft To The Ftc, Police + More

An affidavit is a legal document. Everything you write can be used against you. You can be prosecuted if your intentions are malicious. If you are sincere and honest about the words, and the content in general, there is nothing to worry about. Example of affidavit of total theft

If the case is fraudulent, that is, if someone stole your identity and took advantage of you financially, your best friend is your bank. The bank may not have all the power to help and recover what has been lost, but in the interim, it is your best ally. The best the bank can do is to close your account to avoid possible financial victimization. Tracking the criminal should come later. This will be assigned to special agents whose job is to follow fraudulent criminals.

Banks have their own investigative department. They can do their job to track down criminals, but reporting to your local police department is also important. The police can always detect any unusual movement in your particular area.

How To File For Identity Theft

Other agencies, companies, or institutions that you consider useful in the investigation may also need to be informed. But the bank and the police department will do just that.

How To Repair Your Credit After Identity Theft

Identity theft is a delicate matter. Try not to cause panic among your friends, people in your community. When it’s too obvious, skunk the entire investigative process. It is good to be informative, but it is much better if it is done with caution. ID Theft Affidavit Texas Example

So these are the things you should do when preparing for an identity theft affidavit. It might also help if you consider some tips for protecting yourself from identity theft.

Keep your credit card from anyone at all times. If possible, have two or more credit cards, one for trivial purchases such as using restaurant bills and the other for serious purchases. Or better yet, use debit cards instead of credit cards. With debit cards, you can only deposit with a very minimal credit, which makes it safer than if you have a card that has unlimited credit.

Be careful with the sellers you deal with. If possible, always do some note recording with them.

What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

Your pins or passwords should be as complicated as possible. It does not fit with ordinary everyday words. Use something out of the ordinary and not directly related to you. We may receive compensation from the products and services mentioned therein

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