How To Start Your Own Podcast Network – So you’ve heard of the top 8 reasons you want to start podcasting… but you don’t know where to start. You’ll be happy to know that listening to a podcast requires no tech skills. All you need is a device that plays media files, such as a smartphone, tablet, or even a smart home speaker. You can even listen to them while working on your computer.

To get started, you can download the podcast directly to your computer as an mp3 file and listen to it in your Media Player. But there is a better way. The most common way to find and organize all the podcasts you want to listen to is with a podcast app. Your phone may already have it installed. iPhone users will have the Apple Podcasts app. Android users can play podcasts using the Play Music app. In addition, there are many other downloadable apps to choose from. Some cost a bit, but most are free. I searched for “podcast player” in the Apple App Store. After I hit 100, I stopped counting results. Here are a few of the most popular:

How To Start Your Own Podcast Network

How To Start Your Own Podcast Network

Once you’ve chosen the player you want, your next step is to find what you want to hear. When you open your player, you may be presented with a selection of recommended podcasts. These can be called distinctive, popular, trending or new and interesting. Some of the names you will recognize, but there will be many that you don’t. There are over 4 million podcasts. If you’re still not sure where to start, try asking people you know what they’re listening to. If you’re using a smart speaker, you can ask it to play a podcast for you. Of course, you need to know the name of the show first. You can also search by categories such as books, family, kids, news, sports, health and many more. Keep in mind that there are many podcasts that don’t fit into one category, so search for what you want to listen to and pick something that sounds interesting to you.

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You’ve found a show, host or topic you’re interested in. Now it’s time to start listening. There are two ways to listen: download or stream. When you download a show to your device, you can listen to the entire show continuously, whether you have Wi-Fi or cellular connection. This way you can enjoy your listening shows anywhere. Most podcast apps have settings where you can delete the episode from your phone when it’s over or if you manually delete the episode. You can also stream a podcast episode over wi-fi or a cellular connection. If you listen to podcasts often, you can use a lot of data this way.

If it doesn’t take long to find a podcast you’ve always wanted to listen to. You’ll hear podcasters use the terms “follow” and “subscribe” to ensure you don’t miss an episode. When you “follow” a show, new episodes are automatically downloaded to your device so they’re ready to listen to within minutes of their release, so the next time you open your app, the latest episodes are ready to listen. If you’re on an Apple device, a subscription is one way to get premium content. When you subscribe to shows and channels, you support creators and unlock premium experiences. After all, until recently these terms were used interchangeably (and still are in some applications). Well, it’s a little confusing, so remember that you pay to “subscribe” but “follow” is free.

If you’re just learning about all that podcasting has to offer, the All Indiana Podcast Network is a great place to find shows about everything from news, sports and weather to gardening, fitness and health. Find your new favorite podcast at

Have you thought about starting your own podcast? The All Indiana Podcast Network can help you create, produce and distribute your podcast! Email us today for more information. So, you’re ready to jump into the world of podcasting. But how do you start your own podcast? There’s plenty to enjoy and we don’t want you to miss any of it.

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As a result, we’ve created this handy guide that gives you complete information on how to start your own podcast with Spreaker. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

Podcasting has been around longer than you might think (over 10 years!), but its methods of enticing people to tell their stories and connect with others in a very intimate way have never been outdated. However, while there are plenty of potential podcasters out there willing to give it a try themselves, many get lost along the way. It’s easy to see why – the onslaught of ‘necessary’ equipment like microphones, filters and mixers and the time-consuming nature is a terrible distraction.

However, you don’t need to sweat it – not much anyway. Even with the most basic tools, getting into podcasting is simpler than you might think.

How To Start Your Own Podcast Network

Our FREE Spreaker course covers everything from defining your podcast to successfully launching it to fully monetize your catalog. Also, did we mention it’s 100% free?

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Before you start recording your podcast, it’s important to develop a clear concept. Whether you want to start a podcast that recaps your favorite TV show or help your company achieve a specific goal, you need to think about where your expertise lies and what your listeners will enjoy.

Defining your target audience, also known as your podcast avatar, allows you to exponentially grow your podcast audience based on what interests them.

Rather than just a cute picture for your social media profile, apodcast avatars are ideal listeners that represent your entire audience. Think of your avatar as a person and a real person with a story. Treat your podcast as if you were talking directly to them. Ask yourself what hopes and dreams your avatar has and how your podcast can fulfill them. Do they listen to your podcast to entertain themselves at a day job they hate? Are they taking half an hour every morning to learn from you?

For example, if you’re a travel podcast, it’s important to know whether your audience is made up of wealthy British retirees looking to settle down in the Algarve or adventurous American college students looking to backpack around Europe.

The Lebo Lion Show (podcast)

Identifying these personality traits will allow you to understand the ways in which you can build a community around your podcast and grow your podcast audience. Adventure travelers can sign up for in-person meetings or Google Hangouts. But if your avatar is an introverted bookworm, an anonymous online platform like Tumblr might be easier to connect with.

When choosing a name, it’s important that it reflects your brand and expertise, while giving users a simple and easy understanding of what to expect from the show. When choosing a name, first make sure it is not already in use by another podcast. Search on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and Google.

Of the 658,900 podcasts analyzed, 75 percent contained up to 29 characters. And the characters in the most popular titles do not exceed 16. Pacific content.

How To Start Your Own Podcast Network

The title of the podcast should also reflect the theme of the podcast and the main theme of the show. The topic should not be too narrow, as it will be difficult to continue creating content. But you don’t want it to be too broad, because episodes need to appeal to a specific niche. The idea is to cast a wide net for influence. But not too wide! You don’t want to confuse your audience about your message.

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After determining the name and topic, the next step is to determine the podcast category. The idea is to narrow down these options before starting the process, as this makes it easier to understand the direction you and your team are going.

In Category, your podcast will find a home for all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Take Apple Podcasts for example, there are currently 16 main categories, and then some of those are broken down into subcategories. You can select a category or subcategory. The category gives listeners an idea of ​​what they can expect from your show.

Don’t think about your podcast description as an afterthought. It is important to give it some time and effort. Why? For Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What this means is that if potential listeners are looking for topics that your podcast might cover, you want to make sure they can find it when they search online.


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