News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders – Discover professional pricing strategies that work so you can profit in Bull & Bear markets – without indicators, news or opinions

The day trading time frame is the answer for most traders (with many “hidden” benefits) – especially if you work full time.

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

You may not know this, but a day trading time frame or a daily chart trading strategy has many advantages that cannot be found in a lower time frame.

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In a short time you have to decide whether to buy, sell, hold or stay out.

This means you have less time to think, which leads to poor trading decisions (such as chasing markets).

If you trade on a daily time frame or have a daily time frame forex trading strategy, a new candle is created every 24 hours.

You have more time to think, plan and execute your trades – making you less prone to making bad trading decisions.

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This means that if you are trading the lower time frame, you need to be aware of the news or you will be stopped for nothing.

Your trades are unlikely to be stopped as the stop loss is wider (and able to accommodate ‘crazy’ swings on the lower time frame).

If you trade on higher timeframes with a daily chart trading strategy, the news will have less impact on your trading.

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

So you don’t have to constantly watch the markets because there is nothing to do until the market closes (and a new candle is created).

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Imagine how much more freedom you will have from being a slave to the markets when you have a daily time frame forex trading strategy?

Let’s say you earn an average of 20% per year on an initial investment of $5,000 and add $5,000 to your account each year.

This is where you break your trading rules (such as extending your stop loss) to avoid a loss, regardless of whether you have a daily time frame forex trading strategy or not.

That’s because you rely on your trading profits to pay the bills—and you’ll do everything you can to avoid a loss.

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And now the odds are in your favor because you don’t have to rely on your trading profits.

Even if you have losing months, it’s not the end because your job provides you with the necessities of life.

This means you can focus on learning how to trade and not worry about paying the bills.

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

One of the biggest reasons traders fail is that they don’t pay attention to transaction costs.

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Now you only need 5% to make a return if you trade forex time frames daily – that’s a big difference.

So, if you fall into one of the categories below, the daily (or higher) time frame is not for you.

This is a slow trading approach for traders who don’t want to be glued to a screen all day.

But as you’ve learned, trading on a daily time frame doesn’t allow you to build your advantage fast enough to generate consistent income.

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The idea is to take as little pain as possible by exiting your trades before the upside pressure hits.

Position trading is an approach that seeks to ride market trends during day trading.

The idea is to grab the “meat” of the move and exit trades only when the trend shows signs of a reversal.

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

Now that you have developed your trading strategy with day trading, the next step is to develop a routine to ensure trading success.

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Because you still need a trading routine or you will not achieve trading success. If you ask me, this is the secret between winning and losing traders.

Once you’ve developed your trading strategy, create a watchlist of markets you can trade (be it Forex, stocks, futures, etc.).

Then read through the watchlist and identify markets that offer a potential trading setup (this should match your trading strategy).

Since the daily time frame is traded with a daily time frame forex trading strategy, it is advisable to make the trading decision after the close of the daily candle.

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This can be in the morning, afternoon or evening (depending on where you are) – so create a schedule where you can commit to whatever you want.

So every morning you will check the markets from your watchlist and see if there is a potential trade setup.

Multiple R – Your profit on the trade expressed in R. If you took double the risk, you achieved 2R.

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

Once you have consistently executed 100 trades, you will know if your trading strategy has an edge in the markets.

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If you do what I just shared, you will improve your trading results and eventually find your edge in the markets.

But i like using the daily chart because there are less candles to navigate… also because it reduces trading fees… stress… and it opens up time to do the things i want to and still profit from the swings… if i cut back the fees would eat up 30-40% of the profits… you can grab a good chunk of the move with less effort… there you go

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Many short-term traders base their decisions solely on technical analysis and price charts, regardless of which markets they trade. Often times, traders completely ignore fundamentals and instead follow price trends, analyze support and resistance levels, and consider various signals from technical indicators.

However, fundamental analysis is just as important in the modern trading world as technical analysis. Press releases such as earnings reports and changes in interest rates and inflation can have a significant impact on the markets. Trading with press releases can therefore prove extremely beneficial for traders and significantly strengthen their trading strategy by adding economic releases to their purely technical and charting approach. Learn how to trade the news and discover potential trading opportunities in the financial markets.

To read the news, you need to familiarize yourself with economic indicators, which are macroeconomic factors that affect all financial markets, be it forex, stocks or indices. These may include changes in interest rates, inflation, unemployment levels or household incomes in a particular country, all of which have a significant impact on financial markets and the general state of the economy.

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

Economic announcements often include these specific factors when informing traders of recent changes in the markets. This can affect market sentiment, especially if the data release is not in line with what traders expected.

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The news trading strategy includes trading based on market expectations, both before and after a press release. Trading news can require quick decisions as it can affect financial markets almost instantly. Therefore, you need to quickly determine how to trade the announcement.

When trading press releases, it is important to be aware of how the financial markets work. Sometimes the news is already included in the price of the devices. This happens because traders try to predict the outcome of future announcements, and so the market reacts by changing the price of the asset. News-based trading is particularly useful in volatile markets such as oil trading.

Learn more about fundamental analysis when considering external factors as part of a news trading strategy.

Like other asset classes, forex trading news can become particularly active before and after major economic events. However, there are significant differences in news that distinguish currencies from other financial markets.

Can I Trade News?

Currency markets tend to react most to macroeconomic news – developments that reflect or affect the broader economy. In general, forex traders can look at economic news to gauge its impact on interest rates and monetary policy. News that points to a more dovish (aggressive) central bank tends to push currency pairs higher against other currencies, while dovish (peaceful) news can cause a currency to depreciate.

The currencies of major commodity or commodity exporting countries can be affected by foreign exchange trading news as it affects the prices of the major commodities they produce. These currencies are often called resource currencies. The prices of goods that affect these currencies can be affected by issues of supply and demand.

On the supply side, news indicating lower supply can push prices up, while news indicating higher supply can depress prices, which can then affect related currencies. News that reflects changes in supply can be about political tensions, wars, terrorism, weather, economic sanctions, labor relations (strikes), and more. Demand-related speculation and pricing

News Events And Forex Profit: Strategies For Dallas Traders

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