Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Canada’s Forex Market

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Canada’s Forex Market – Use the strategy builder to calculate and visualize the projected profits and losses of over 50 pre-built strategies. Or create your own strategy by selecting various options and deadlines.

Use the options optimizer to find the best trades for a given target price and date. Strategies are ranked by best return or best chance.

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Canada’s Forex Market

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Canada's Forex Market

Follow smart money by watching large and unusual trades as they are made. Our options stream uncovers complex trades you can’t find anywhere else.

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Is the next generation options profit calculator and flow analyzer. Through continuous monitoring and analysis, it uncovers high-profit potential trades you can’t find anywhere else, giving you unparalleled insight into what the big players are buying and selling right now.

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Find trades with the greatest chances or highest return using our options optimizer. Simply enter the direction you think the stock will go and we’ll search thousands of trades to find it for you.

Our options profit calculator predicts the future performance of your options strategies. Easily create and compare strategies to find what works for you.

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The flow page shows large and unusual transactions as they are made. These are real operations carried out by professional traders and institutions.

The only provider of unusual option streams for complex strategies. Let’s examine the market to find out the real trades that the professionals are making.

Set up custom filters to find trades that match your criteria. Add alerts to get instant notification when a corresponding action is taken.

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Canada's Forex Market

Our strategy builder helps you instantly visualize the projected profits and losses for your strategy. Never trade in the dark again.

Option Chain Analysis: Unleashing Market Insights For Traders

Not sure where to start? Just give our optimizer a target date and price and we’ll analyze thousands of potential trades to find something for you.

Save trades to your account to see how they perform, without risking real money. We monitor the performance of each trade over time.

Our tools pack information relevant to your trades, including breaking news, important upcoming dates and helpful liquidity reminders.

To provide you with foolproof accuracy, especially with unusual options activity for complex strategy types, calculate and track trades using data provided exclusively by the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA). This means it gets the same data as your trading platform, including consolidated information on the latest sale and quotes. Data is only delayed for 15 minutes for free users. Premium accounts receive real-time data with automatic updating.

A Newbie’s Guide To Reading An Options Chain

View the high, low and historical graph of each of your saved strategies. Saved strategies can also be exported. An iron condo is an options strategy consisting of two puts (one long and one short) and two calls (one long and one short) and four strike prices, all with the same expiration date. The Iron Condor gains maximum profit when the underlying asset closes between mid-strike prices at expiration. In other words, the goal is to profit from the low volatility of the underlying asset.

The Iron Condor has a similar profit to a regular Condor spread, but uses both calls and puts instead of just calls or just puts. Both the condor and the iron condor are extensions of the enlarged butterfly and the iron butterfly, respectively.

The Iron Condor strategy has limited upside and downside risks because the high and low attack options, wings, protect against significant movement in either direction. Due to this limited risk, its profit potential is also limited.

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Canada's Forex Market

For this strategy, the trader would ideally want all options to expire worthless, which is only possible if the underlying asset closes between the two central strike prices at expiration. A fee is likely to be applied to close the trade if successful. If it is unsuccessful, the loss is still limited.

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Options that are further OTM, called wings, are both long positions. Since both of these options are further OTM, their premiums are lower than the two written options, so there is a net credit in the account when you place the trade.

By selecting different strike prices, you can make your strategy bullish or bearish. For example, if both average strike prices are above the current price of the underlying asset, the trader is hoping for a small price increase by expiration. In any case, the trade still carries limited reward and limited risk.

The maximum profit for an Iron Condor is the amount of premium, or credit, received for creating the four leg options position.

The maximum loss is also limited. The maximum loss is the difference between the long call and short call strikes, or between the long put and short put strikes. You reduce the loss based on the net credits received, but then add the fees to get the total loss of the trade.

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The maximum loss occurs if the price moves above the long call strike, which is higher than the sold call strike, or below the long put strike, which is lower than the sold put strike.

Suppose an investor believes that Apple Inc.’s price will be relatively stable in terms of prices over the next couple of months. They decide to implement an Iron Condor, with the stock currently trading at $212.26.

They sell a call with a strike of $215, which gives them a $7.63 premium, and they buy a call with a strike of $220, which costs them $5.35. Claim on these two legs is $2.28, or $228 for one contract: each option contract, put or call, equals 100 shares of the underlying asset. The exchange, however, is only half completed.

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Canada's Forex Market

In addition, the trader sells a put with a strike of $210, resulting in a premium received of $7.20, and buys a put with a strike of $205, which costs $5.52. Net credit on these two legs is $1.68, or $168 if you negotiate a contract on each.

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The total credit for the position is $3.96 ($2.28 + $1.68), or $396. This is the maximum profit the trader can make and occurs if all options expire worthless, which it means that the price must be between $215 and $210 when the expiration happens in two months. If the price is above $215 or below $210, the trader may still make a small profit, but he may also lose money.

One way to think of an iron condor is to have a long choke inside a larger, shorter choke, or vice versa.

The loss increases if Apple’s stock price approaches the upper strike of the call ($220) or the lower strike of the put ($205). The maximum loss occurs if the stock price is above $220 or below $205.

Let’s assume the stock is $225 at expiration. This is higher than the strike price of the higher call, meaning the trader is facing the largest possible loss. The sold call loses $10 ($225 – $215) while the bought call gains $5 ($225 – $220). Puts expire. The trader loses $5, or $500 in total (100 stock contracts), but also received $396 in prizes. Thus, the loss is capped at $104 plus fees.

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Now, suppose Apple’s price falls, but not below the lower selling threshold. It falls to $208. The short put loses $2 ($208 – $210), or $200, while the long put expires worthless. The tenders also expire. The trader loses $200 on the position but receives $396 in premium credits. Thus, they still make $196, minus commission costs.

Yes, Iron Condors can be profitable. An Iron Condor will be most profitable when the closing price of the underlying asset is between the mid-strike prices at expiration. An Iron Condor profits from the low volatility of the underlying asset.

An example of an Iron Condor would be when a bullish spread of 75-80 is combined with a bearish call spread of 95-100. This creates a short iron condor: the difference is 15 points for the strike price of the short options and five points for both spreads.

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Canada's Forex Market

Selling call options on a security that you don’t own is the riskiest option strategy. This is also known as writing a bare call and selling a bare call. If the stock price goes above the strike price, there is a risk that someone will call the option. When they do, and you don’t have the stock, you need to buy it at the market price and sell it at the lower strike price. Your risk is unlimited as, in theory, the share price in the market could go up without any limit.

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The offers that appear in this table come from partnerships from which you receive compensation. This compensation can affect how and where your ads are displayed. it does not include all offers available on the market. An iron condor is the sale of an out-of-the-money bear call credit spread above the stock price and an out-of-the-money bull put credit spread below the stock price with the same maturity date.

The strategy seeks to take advantage of a decline in volatility, time decay and little or no movement from the underlying asset. Iron condors are essentially a short strangler

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