Insurance Companies That Insure Uber Drivers – Find rideshare insurance companies in your state and get Uber or Lyft car liability insurance quotes.

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Insurance Companies That Insure Uber Drivers

Insurance Companies That Insure Uber Drivers

If you’re looking for the best ridesharing insurance, we’ve made it easy to find out about the options in your state on the page below.

Uber And Ride Sharing: Everything You Need To Know

Once you’ve signed up for a great job like Uber, be sure to get a few rideshare insurance quotes from the agents below.

This is especially important if you are driving for one of the best grocery delivery services, as insurance requirements differ for couriers and drivers.

There are still a few states that don’t have Rideshare-friendly options, but we’ll be updating this page as new options are added every week, so be sure to check back often!

This post will be updated with insurance information for each of the markets, but if you have conflicting information or would like to add to this page, please leave a comment below.

Uber Expands Insurance Coverage For Drivers

Also, if you have an agent you would like to personally recommend, please feel free to contact me using their contact information.

If you’re just learning about rideshare insurance and don’t know why you need it, as a rideshare driver you should pay special attention to the risks and insurance limits in your state.

There are many states that do not have an officially recognized ridesharing insurance policy, and while you may still be covered by Uber or Lyft, your private insurer may drop you for being a ridesharing driver.

Insurance Companies That Insure Uber Drivers

Updated for 2023: Yes, you’ll want insurance for your grocery delivery! Find recommended delivery insurance agents.

How Uber And Lyft Affect Car Insurance Rates

Uber and Lyft only cover rideshare drivers in Phases 2 and 3. Phase 2 begins when you accept a ride request and drive to your passenger, and Phase 3 begins when the passenger gets into your vehicle.

However, while you’re online and waiting for a Phase 1 claim, you won’t have collision coverage from Uber or Lyft, and the liability limits are much lower.

As a rideshare driver, you’re at the most risk during Phase 1, because you can’t get any collision insurance from rideshare companies, and your personal insurer may not cover you during this time either.

Getting a rideshare insurance quote and rideshare insurance solves this gap by covering Stage 1 drivers, plus they won’t fire you for being a rideshare driver. Some policies cover you in both Stages 2 and 3, so you’re not subject to Uber’s $1,000 collision deductible and Lyft’s $2,500 collision deductible.

Rise Of Uber Forcing Canadian Insurance Companies To Adapt

Finally, even if you only plan to operate food delivery services (not Uber or Lyft), you’ll need insurance.

You can deduct your rideshare insurance from your tax bill. Use Stride Tax to maximize your deductions so you can keep more of your income.

I’ve covered this issue extensively, so if you want to know the current state of rideshare insurance, here are some of the best rideshare insurance resources for you to review:

Insurance Companies That Insure Uber Drivers

With on-demand food and package delivery services growing in popularity, it’s no surprise that new drivers are in high demand.

The Ultimate Guide To Uber Driver Insurance In Canada

Companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Amazon Flex, and Instacart are always looking for new workers to come on board and deliver to them.

But which of these grocery delivery companies offer driver insurance? You can find a full list of shipping insurance options here, but we’ve broken it down for you below:

Over the past year, almost all major carriers have started offering rideshare insurance policies for drivers. This is great news because if we insure with a rideshare-friendly insurance company, we don’t have to worry about being dropped by our insurance company. That’s why it’s so beneficial to get multiple rideshare insurance quotes!

But changing insurance isn’t an easy task, as most of us have insurance on our homes, other vehicles, and more. have policies. My hope is that one day all major carriers will offer ridesharing-friendly policies, but until then, drivers will have to switch. takes the risk of driving without insurers or rideshare-friendly policies.

A Look At Farmers’ New Insurance For California Uber And Lyft Drivers

Rideshare insurance is widely available today and even some of the most popular insurance providers offer competitive coverage levels for drivers. Here’s what some of the top 4 names in the industry have to offer.

Geico offers rideshare insurance in most states, and they offer a hybrid coverage option that covers you when you rideshare and drive for personal reasons. Geico’s rideshare insurance is comprehensive and covers all three phases of Uber and Lyft driving, including when the app is on and waiting for a passenger (Phase 1), while you’re driving (Phase 2), and when passengers are in your vehicle (Phase 3).

This hybrid insurance also covers you for food delivery (such as Uber Eats) and there are no strict mileage limits.

Insurance Companies That Insure Uber Drivers

Allstate offers a rideshare endorsement on your regular auto insurance policy, which helps cover your vehicle while you rideshare. Allstate’s rideshare endorsement helps close the infamous Stage 1 coverage gap, when Uber and Lyft insurance won’t cover you if you crash while the app is on and you’re waiting for a ride.

Farmers Expands Program, Now Insuring Uber Drivers In 14 States And D.c

However, the Allstate endorsement does not cover you in Stages 2 and 3, which are covered by Uber and Lyft insurance. With this policy, you can cover the deductible, so if you need to file a claim with Uber or Lyft, Allstate will reimburse you for a portion of the deductible so that it matches the deductible on your own policy. For example, if you have to pay Lyft’s high deductible of $2,500 and your Allstate insurance deductible is only $500, you’ll pay the difference.

Adding a rideshare endorsement to your existing policy may only cost you an extra $10-$20 per month.

State Farm is another company that offers “gaps” for rideshare drivers that include Phase 1 coverage on your personal policy. In fact, State Farm rideshare insurance can provide you with a certain amount of coverage for all 3 periods for rideshare drivers.

According to State Farm representatives, adding proof of ridesharing coverage “typically adds about 15-20% to your current premium.”

Racq No Longer Covering Rideshare

Farmers was one of the first insurers to offer ridesharing endorsements. Like many other companies, they offer “gaps” for rideshare drivers that can be added to a standard individual policy. Although Farmer’s Ridesharing Insurance is not a commercial policy, it extends coverage up to Phase 1 so you are fully covered while riding a rideshare.

You can expect to pay about 25% more for your farmers policy with a rideshare endorsement, but you won’t have to worry about losing your driving license for companies like Uber or Lyft. Another benefit is that Farmer’s offers a car rental/loss of use option where they offer you the rental car or a set amount for each day your car is out of service. Of course, there are caps on this, but it’s a good benefit overall.

USAA offers rideshare insurance as an additional option to your existing USAA auto policy. With this setup, the total cost is only slightly higher than a regular policy – and the USAA policy itself is one of the most affordable policies available anywhere, making it a very good deal.

Insurance Companies That Insure Uber Drivers

One of our readers reported that USAA’s rideshare app cost them an extra $16 per month. For some drivers, it’s as low as $6. Another reader and Uber driver reported that his 2015 Nissan Sentra was only $385 for a total of 6 months of insurance with USAA, including the rideshare add-on. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper policy anywhere.

How Does Auto Insurance Work As An Uber Driver?

USAA has a very good reputation as an insurer, and while its rideshare coverage isn’t the most thorough, it does offer something called “gap” or “first-stage coverage.”

As you know, insurance costs vary greatly from company to company. They also vary depending on the services you want to connect to them, as well as your own driving record. The best advice is to shop around. Find out all the options available in your area and choose the insurance company that is best for you.

After doing some shopping around in California, I found that the range for ridesharing insurance ranges from $113 to $205 per month, which is in line with what I’ve found for many other drivers.

If you have a good driving record or live in an area where insurance is cheaper, you may be on the lower end. But for most drivers, the average price can be around $150 per month.

Rideshare Insurance: Business Vs. Personal

One thing to keep in mind is what each insurance company covers. For example, while researching the price range, I found that state farm


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