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You have come to the right place. At the Law Offices of Jacob O. Partiyeli, we can help you through this difficult time. We are familiar with Landlord – Tenant Law and have a high track record of assisting in Unlawful Foreclosure Actions. Stop wasting money on your unnecessary tenants. Protect your valuable investment and let us process your eviction quickly.

Lawyers That Help With Evictions

Lawyers That Help With Evictions

If you answered “Yes”, it is very important to contact the Law Office of Jacob O. Partiyeli before implementing an eviction strategy. We offer full-service solutions to make the eviction process simple, fast and stress-free. Check out our customer reviews.

Lawyers Are Rallying To Help Maine Tenants Amid A Wave Of Evictions

Eviction is called an unlawful act. This is the process by which a tenant can be evicted from a residential or commercial property for nonpayment of rent or other reasons defined under California landlord/tenant law.

Use your landlord’s rights. Eviction Attorney -Jacob O. Partiyeli has years of experience protecting all property owners’ rights under the law and helping landlords successfully resolve their eviction cases. Get legal help and avoid mistakes that could lead to your case being dismissed.

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What is the eviction process in California? Here’s a map of the California Eviction process and how to respond to the difficult crossroads if the tenant chooses to contest the eviction.

Before sending the actual eviction, the landlord or manager needs to send a notice to the tenant. This notice may be served for unpaid rent, property damage, unlawful activity, or breach of rental agreement. If the tenant does not respond within the specified time, the landlord or manager can file an eviction in Superior Court, known as Unlawful Detainer.

After the illegal detainer is filed in court, the tenant has 10-15 days to respond. If the tenant responds and decides to fight the case, it becomes a contested eviction. The court date has been set, and the property owner needs to come to court and present his case. We can represent you in court when your court date arrives.

Lawyers That Help With Evictions

If the tenant does not respond after a period of 10-15 days from the date of sending the unlawful detainer to the court, the case becomes an uncontested eviction. There is no need to set a court date, shortening the eviction process in most cases. The costs associated with an uncontested eviction are usually low, but other situations may arise in which evictions are contested or uncontested.

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There is a waiting period between each step of deportation, depending on the court in which the illegal detainer was placed. Other circumstances may arise that may delay the eviction, such as a tenant filing for bankruptcy.

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Lawyers That Help With Evictions

Customer Testimonials: Previous products do not guarantee similar results. The answer depends on different factors unique to each agent. All results presented here depend on the facts of the particular case and results may differ based on different facts. & translated War of Expulsion. All Rights Reserved 2023 For years, LA housing attorneys have pressured state officials to guarantee the right to counsel for those facing eviction. Image from Shutterstock.

Ca Lawyers Launch First Ever Website To Help Tenants Fight Evictions

Ever since Patricia Villargra and her husband received eviction notices last summer, preparing for their trial has become a full-time job.

The couple was already struggling to make the payments on their small one-bedroom house in Porter Ranch. Villargra quit his job at the airport because of a back injury, and his wife is working long hours to keep up with a recent $400 rent increase, which brought their rent to more than $ 2,500 per month.

Finding a lawyer within the price range – or even one to defend the tenant – was out of the question. Therefore, since they had no other house in the area, they decided to fight.

Since then, the couple has spent months preparing their defense on their own, collecting thick binders of legal documents and wading through the intricacies of tenant law.

Eviction Filings Expected To Go Up In Michigan As Rental Aid Dries Up

“We absolutely do,” Villargra said. “We tried to contact the attorneys, [but] any attorney in Los Angeles who handles eviction cases, they want to be part of the landlord, they don’t want to be part of the tenant.”

Villargra’s situation is not uncommon in Los Angeles. Eviction lawsuits are filed in civil court so that tenants do not have the same public defenders as they do in criminal court – although losing the case can have serious consequences, such as not real estate or relocation. For years, housing advocates have pressed state officials to reform that policy – ​​to ensure the right to counsel for those facing eviction. Today, that reality seems closer.

Tomorrow, Los Angeles City Council member Nithya Raman will introduce an ordinance asking the city to look into a program to provide attorneys for indigent tenants.

Lawyers That Help With Evictions

“When you’re in court, the landlord always has a lawyer and the tenant almost never has a lawyer, here in Los Angeles,” says Raman. “It seems like one of the most obvious interventions to stabilize such an unstable housing market.”

Evicting A Tenant Without A Specific Reason: Ask An Orange County Eviction Lawyer

Over the past several months, Porter Ranch tenant Patricia Villargra has collected three thick binders of legal documents and evidence that the couple will use to fight their eviction in court without a lawyer. . Photo by Zoie Matthew.

The move comes just weeks after Raman and a group of LA City Council members voted against the new progressives. LA City’s new tenant protections package, which requires landlords to provide just cause for all evictions, sets time limits. those who are behind on their rent, and require relocation assistance for those displaced by increased rent.

The protections are meant to ease a wave of evictions that some experts have said will end the protections for renters in the COVID era. But UCLA professor of public interest law Gary Blasi points out that any rights given to tenants are pointless if they can’t use them as a defense in court, because they don’t know enough. the laws exist to use them to fight evictions.

“Although the cases may seem small in the grand scheme of legal matters, they are very complex, and require a great deal of knowledge to provide adequate protection,” Blasi said.

Seattle Votes To Guarantee Lawyers For Renters Facing Eviction

In a 2004 study, Blasi found that of 151 tenants in Los Angeles who represented themselves in eviction proceedings, not one was successful in their case. In fact, Blasi notes that most tenants never go to court in the first place. This is because many do not know the importance of responding to their evictions – allowing the landlord to win by default.

“Tenants have many rights granted to them by the state, city and county, but those rights expire six days after the tenant files an eviction complaint, unless they can go to court.” and submit an application. respond,” Blasi said. “So, a lawyer will change


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