Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Chicago – When we trust our loved ones in the hands of caregivers, we never want to think that abuse or neglect in a nursing home is possible. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse inside our nation’s assisted living facilities is shockingly widespread. The National Council on Aging estimates that one in 10 older adults in the United States has experienced elder abuse. And since most cases go unreported, this number may be much higher than we know. If your loved one was the victim of elder abuse in a care facility, reach out to a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer right away.

At the Law Offices of Thomas, we understand the challenges presented by Louisville nursing home abuse cases. We are ready to stand by your side until your family gets justice.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Chicago

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Chicago

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Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm In Illinois

Abusive behavior can take many forms – physical, emotional, financial or sexual. There is also the possibility that your loved one suffered neglect, medical malpractice, or inadequate staffing at a Louisville nursing home. In the most serious cases, an older adult may suffer a wrongful death. The Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers of Thomas Law Offices are ready to help you take legal action against any type of abuse that occurs in an assisted living facility.

Your nursing home abuse attorney will need to determine how your loved one was harmed in order to provide the best legal assistance. In some cases, one perpetrator of violent or manipulative behavior is to blame. In other cases, facility administration may be held responsible for failing to protect residents or prevent further abuse by a known abuser.

It is vital that loved ones of residents know the warning signs of abuse and neglect. You can learn more on our web page of a law firm dedicated to educating family members about the signs of nursing home abuse.

Physical abuse is generally the easiest type of abuse to identify and prove. Injury victims often show telltale signs of abuse – bruises, scars, puncture marks, broken bones, or damaged clothing. Physical abuse in nursing homes can include staff members hitting residents, forcibly abusing patients, or using restraints inappropriately.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Emotional, psychological or verbal abuse is one of the most devastating forms of elder abuse. This type of abuse seriously affects a patient’s overall health. Emotional distress is strongly associated with reduced physical health in nursing home residents. Victims of psychological elder abuse often lose the will to maintain their own health or even life.

The signs of emotional abuse can vary greatly and are largely dependent on the victim. Sudden changes in mood, signs of fear, emotional outbursts, withdrawal, or overt reactions when certain staff members are around can be signs that some form of psychological abuse is taking place.

Financial exploitation occurs when an individual’s financial resources are taken against their will or without their knowledge. In a nursing home, a member of staff may pressure a patient to reveal personal information (such as bank account information), or steal money or personal property from a resident. Any time an elderly victim is forced to make changes to a deed, will, or trust, it is considered financial abuse. Unfortunately, a financial abuser is usually a family member, carer, or other person close to the victim.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Chicago

Sexual abuse occurs when non-consensual sexual acts occur in nursing homes. Emotional and physical abuse is sometimes associated with sexual assault. If a resident has unexplained injuries, ripped or torn underwear, bruising in the groin area, or exhibits sudden changes in behavior, these may be signs of sexual abuse.

Understaffing In Nursing Homes

Any signs of sexual abuse should be reported immediately. Many abusers target multiple victims. When nursing homes engage in negligent hiring practices, there is an increased opportunity for a person with a history of sex crimes to be hired by the facility.

While abuse in a nursing home is intentional behavior intended to cause harm, negligence is a failure to prevent a resident from being harmed. Negligence causes a situation where a preventable event can injure or cause a patient to suffer a wrongful death.

Nursing homes and care facilities are responsible for providing adequate medical care, physical and emotional support, and nutrition to all residents. Overwork or understaffing is never an excuse to deprive patients of proper care.

Elopment is when a nursing home resident wanders off or even leaves the facility entirely. Patients with dementia and other mental impairments are most at risk of flooding, a tendency that can easily lead them into extremely dangerous situations.

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Fall injuries and deaths are a serious problem for older adults. Facilities have a duty to identify, monitor, support and supervise residents who are at high risk of falling. This also includes keeping the site safe by installing handrails and guides, keeping walkways clear, and ensuring there is enough light.

Neglected patients do not get the proper medical care and attention they need, even for basic health necessities like food and water. Residents may not get their meals or the medicines they need on time – or at all. Malnutrition and dehydration are major signs that a nursing home is neglecting residents, especially those who need the most care.

Nursing malpractice lawyers often point to bed sores as a clear sign that a patient is being neglected. If an elderly person with limited mobility is ignored and left in the same position in bed for long hours, bed sores (or pressure ulcers) will soon appear on their body. Family members should visit often and remain vigilant in checking their loved ones for bed sores at each visit.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Chicago

In cases of neglect, nursing home workers may not be present to help residents bathe, brush their teeth, wash their hair, change clothes, or change bed sheets. Signs such as dirty linens, unwashed hair, and unseasonal clothing can be signs of nursing home neglect.

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Nursing home negligence can also result in a resident’s rights being violated. In Kentucky, all residents staying in a long-term care facility are legally protected under the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 as well as state laws (KRS 216.520). Under these laws, all Kentucky nursing home residents are entitled to the following rights:

If your loved one has suffered from any of the above types of abuse or neglect, or if you have reason to believe they are suffering, act quickly. Gather as much information and evidence as possible immediately after the incident. Keep any documentation or medical records of reported events.

Once your loved one is safe, contact the Adult Protection Branch of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. If your loved one is not in immediate danger, you can call the toll-free helpline at (800) 752-6200. When you report the incident, please provide as much information as possible, as this will help speed up the process and start an investigation. Your action can help prevent a Louisville nursing home abuse incident from continuing.

Filing an injury lawsuit against the parties involved is important to many families who need to seek compensation for medical bills and other expenses. But nursing home abuse claims also help improve the care of the elderly in our country, ensuring that no one else suffers the same abuse or neglect.

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Louisville’s nursing homes are being changed through the legal actions of families who are stepping up and fighting for the rights of those who live in long-term care facilities. The legal process of filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit against the responsible party brings awareness to a serious issue. It also introduces better legislation to protect against nursing home abuse. Issues such as negligent hiring, unhealthy conditions, and substandard medical care can be addressed and prevented through the vigilant actions of personal injury lawyers who specialize in nursing home abuse cases.

The issue of personal injury is even more important when it involves the abuse of a vulnerable adult. Our personal injury law firm specializes in many practice areas, but working to make every Louisville nursing home safer for residents is one of the most important things we do.

Our clients trust our law office to make the right decisions, prioritize the welfare of abuse survivors, and fight for full and fair compensation on behalf of victims – even pursuing punitive damages when applicable. We work tirelessly to protect the rights of our senior friends, neighbors, and loved ones in Louisville, KY.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Chicago

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