Patented Mining Claims For Sale In Colorado – You can contact me directly at any time at PLEASE read this first page before sending questions. I answer most of them below! Click here to read the FAQ.

Located in Clear Creek County, 4,199 acres of private property with mineral rights and historic mine location, $25,000 for 5 year lease, payment in installments over 5 years, alternative offers available. Cabin less than 120 square feet permitted to be built and used. Access by 4X4 vehicle only, the hike is less than a quarter of a mile from the parking lot. Patented February 1900. Next to the historic Santiago Mill, above tree line. Rough terrain. In the middle of some of the richest veins in the entire Argentine mining district. 7 miles from Georgetown. Mining permits will be required. The veins are mostly virgin land, with only limited mining carried out due to their remoteness in the early 1900s before cars could access the district.

Patented Mining Claims For Sale In Colorado

Patented Mining Claims For Sale In Colorado

With a complete package of paperwork and prospecting, I can stake you a brand new mining claim in your name in a location that has had historic mining activity, for a flat rate of just $750! You will have to place the posts and panels yourself. Package includes paperwork, all first year fees, all deposits and location, no land work. Email for details.

Acres In Park County, Colorado

Lode complaint file. Includes: map drawn with GPS accuracy, new custom COL tailored to claim requirements, instructions for properly filing all documents with the county and USBLM.

Lode Claim Document Package PLUS all documents filed on your behalf with the year’s locator fee paid. Requires additional documents – Contact for details.

Mine claim maps drawn with GPS precision. Maps of new claims drawn accurately and with a professional historical look. If your original map was slightly off, didn’t show as much detail as you wanted, is small in scale, or you simply want an updated map, you can file one of these maps as an amendment with the county and USBLM. You need to drop off. Click here for a full size sample map

Just like the maps of the Lode claims, drawn with GPS precision. These cards may not be specifically intended for filing a claim. They may be for writing reports, trying to sell your claim, or simply for your own records and information. Mapping patented and unpatented claims in an area. These are not intended to be filed with the USBLM or filed for official purposes unless specifically requested.

Acres In Clear Creek Co, Colorado Mine Teneriffe 6882 Undivided 100% Where The Gold Rush Began

A COL is required when filing new claims. It will be written and completed according to your specifications, using a format used for decades and adapted to your request. If your original COL needs to be updated, you can file that COL as an amendment. You need to drop off.

If you want to change the name of your claim, you need a new COL (same as above) that matches the information from your original COL filed, PLUS a few additional steps. This will give you an amended COL along with instructions on how to properly file the necessary paperwork to change the claim name. You need to drop off. Contact them to have it filed for you for an additional fee (requires additional documents).

Analyzes, in-person prospecting, analysis of any existing site, estimation of reserves (if present and/or possible) and assessment of access and usability. About 3 months. Typed report and reasoning. Must be within 100 miles of Loveland with road access within 2 miles. Cheaper plans without testing available, but do not provide a reserve estimate.

Patented Mining Claims For Sale In Colorado

Analyzes, in-person prospecting, analysis of any existing site, estimation of reserves (if present and/or possible) and assessment of access and usability. NOT A REAL ESTATE AGENT. Value based on sale without a real estate agent on a private listing site by owner such as this one. About 3 months. Typed report and reasoning. Must be within 200 miles of Loveland with road access within 2 miles. Cheaper plans without testing available, but do not provide a reserve estimate.

In Colorado, A Sky High Cabin Compound Goes Midcentury Modern

Unlike other sellers, I am 100% upfront, encourage you to ask questions, provide details and GUARANTEE that you will receive full ownership of the claim, that the correct paperwork is filed at the time of transfer and that the claim is up to date. .

Offers accepted on all claims and mines, email me with your offer! Owner financing available, 10% down, up to 5 years. DISCOUNT FOR FULL PAYMENTS IN ADVANCE, cash or check. ALL CLAIMS FOR RENTAL OR SALE! Email me directly at

Definitions of Mining Terms (Please read!) Dip: The angle at which a vein or other thing (such as a shaft, described below) lies underground. It is measured in degrees, where 0 degrees is horizontal and 90 degrees is vertical. There are no negative points. Drift: A horizontal tunnel. Also called a “drift tunnel”. Classic mine! Tree: A tree is always vertical. Not to be confused with a drift! Winze: A shaft that is accessed from underground and descends from a drift tunnel. Rise: A shaft accessed from underground and ascending from a drift tunnel. Leaning Tree: Not quite vertical, but not horizontal either. Often described by its dive. A 45 degree inclined well is a well that sits on a 45 degree angle or slope. Inclined Tunnel: A tunnel that has a noticeable slope, but is not vertical enough to be considered a shaft. Usually the drop is only a few degrees. Stop: An underground area where miners have extracted more ore than the tunnel or shaft area. This is usually a large open space where the vein was before miners removed it. Works Pile: The pile of rocks dumped outside a mine. Often contains small pieces of ore and a lot of waste rock. Avoid disturbing them when possible, to avoid releasing unweathered rocks to the elements. When sulfur rocks come into contact with water and oxygen, they can create sulfuric acid which can harm things lower down the mountain. Works: All underground parts of a mine. In other words, all tunnels, shafts, winzes, rises and construction sites. Adit: An entrance into a mine. Portal: An entrance to a mine. Mineralization: Mineralization (mineralized rock) is a rock enriched in minerals. Mineralized rock is the very essence of mining. This is where the gold and silver were deposited, and this is what we mine to extract the gold and silver! FAQ (Please read!) Q: What are these properties and can I build or live in them? A: These properties are unpatented mining claims. If you’re unfamiliar, an unpatented mining claim is a mining claim on U.S. property, managed by either the United States Forest Service (USFS) or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It confers ownership of lode or placer mining rights and underground workings within the boundaries, but does not confer ownership of surface lands, which are conserved by the USFS or BLM and remain technically public lands . It is considered real property by the federal government and only requires an annual maintenance fee or appropriate waiver to retain ownership (no taxes!). The highest annual fee at present is $165/year per 20-acre lode claim, and for those with fewer than 10 claims nationwide it will cost $15/claim with a properly completed waiver form completed. Surface disturbances, such as a new tunnel, prospect, shaft, or mining building, must be approved by the USFS or BLM. Depending on the work you are offering, they may require payment of a deposit. I can help you complete paperwork for anything construction or excavation related to your claims. All USFS and BLM rules apply to the lands, which remain public unless sections are approved as restricted for mining purposes by the BLM or USFS. Getting permission to close concession areas is not uncommon, it just requires paperwork, patience and a good reason why it is necessary for public safety or for your mining work. Working with the USFS has always been enjoyable in my experience! An unpatented mining claim is effectively the same thing as a patented mining claim, except that a patented claim owns the surface, while an unpatented claim does not. Q: Are any of these claims patented? A: No, all of my concessions are unpatented mining concessions. Q: Are you a business? A: No, I’m a prospector and small-scale miner who runs this site as a side project. I myself own all these claims, but I don’t have time to work on all of them! My extras are listed here. I bet each one myself because I wanted to work on it myself and thought it had potential. But I just don’t have time to work on all of them! Q: Do you rent claims? A: Yes. I start at $99/month, renew monthly. I do not recommend leasing a claim, you will save money by purchasing a claim and have fewer requirements. Q: Can I live off a dealership if I buy or lease it? A: You can only live off a claim for 14 days out of every 90 days. This is a USFS and BLM rule, as the claim is


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