Real Estate Broker Classes Near Me – – this is a very common question that is asked all the time. Getting Started in Alberta Real Estate Careers in Alberta are very difficult these days to get a clear picture of how your Real Estate Journey will begin.

Now, let’s take a look at each step in the process in detail that one can follow to become a real estate agent and get their Alberta Real Estate License.

Real Estate Broker Classes Near Me

Real Estate Broker Classes Near Me

The first step to becoming a Realtor® is to meet the minimum requirements. Before applying for Real Estate courses, you must be approved by RECA. They will check your application to see if you are eligible to apply for the course. Man –

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Education requirements are also different for Canadian Education students and International Education students – which we have already discussed in our previous articles. Take a look at those in the links provided if you haven’t already.

After that, comes the English language test. There are slightly different steps for Evidence of English Language Proficiency and Canadian Studies and International Studies which can be found in the link below.

Once you have met the Minimum Requirements including Education and English guidelines set by RECA, the next step is to complete the Employment Information Form with RECA.

The next step is to complete a Real Estate Career Information Session with RECA. It’s a 10-minute video that gives you an overview of the career options available in the real estate industry within Alberta. It will guide you to choose the right way to get your real estate license.

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You must also set up an account with myRECA. myRECA is RECA’s training platform that allows you to apply for the Real Estate exam in Alberta. The account is free, it only takes a few minutes to set up. So, you can set up an account there and this is where you can start your eligibility.

The process you want to choose there is called Education Eligibility Application. They have several options if a person has moved here from another state, and has a license there, which is not the case for someone who is starting a new license.

Note: If you have moved from another state, then transferring your license is a separate process and not covered in this blog. This is for anyone who is new to real estate, doesn’t have a real estate license anywhere else and just wants to get started in Alberta.

Real Estate Broker Classes Near Me

Go to and start the qualifying process. It will cost you a $100 fee. This is a non-refundable fee. Once paid, RECA will begin your application process.

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The next step is to complete the pre-license training. After submitting all the documents you will get permission from RECA. Only then can you enroll in your pre-license training to obtain a Realtor® License. You must register for a minimum of 2 courses with RECA to register for Pre-licensing Education.

This course provides you with the basic knowledge and skills you’ll need to try selling real estate in Alberta. The cost of the course is $1250. It is an online course and you can apply for the course online through the RECA website.

The course fee includes access to your online resources, and they have a help desk if you have trouble accessing the course. You will also have access to e-books online or you can purchase course materials from RECA. There are 2 (main) academic papers for this course. You can check the details of the well-organized Syllabus for this course from Alberta Real Estate School to get a good start in preparing for the exam.

There are 10 units in this Course. You will be asked to do online activities and quizzes in each section before appearing for the final exam. After completing the units, you can take the tests and write the final exam.

Real Estate Broker License Practice Exam

The test can be taken at an accredited test center, it is not held at RECA. You can see the list of authorized RECA Exam Centers for more information. Currently, due to COVID-19, RECA is offering the option of choosing the exam online. You can book them directly though your myRECA account at

The secondary education you can do is one of the specialized fields where you can choose the field you want to specialize in.

You must take one of these courses to obtain a Realtor® license in Alberta. You can take more than one course, but to start, you must start with one of the courses above.

Real Estate Broker Classes Near Me

Most people start with a residency, and then when they have their license and want to expand their practice, they go back and take more training if needed, so if you want to do property management or real estate. after, you can always go back and do it later.

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Between the 2 courses you get 12 months to complete the course requirements. Within one year from the date of registration for the first course, you must complete both courses.

In short, 2 Courses and 2 Tests will complete your Pre-licensing Course for Real Estate in Alberta.

After completing your licensing training, the next step is to obtain a Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC).

There are several types of criminal records, the one you are looking for is the one with fingerprint. It takes a long time, they have to send everything to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Ottawa and then you get the results.

Hour Broker Pre Licensing

Now it will take about two to three weeks for RECA to receive your results, and you can send the results directly to RECA. So you don’t get direct results, but RECA does, which is a faster method.

And if you already have a valid background check that is within six months, then you can still submit your application using the same CCRC Account, you don’t have to do it again. Just remember, the criminal background check must be less than 6 months old.

To obtain a license, you must be employed by a brokerage, otherwise you cannot simply apply for a license.

Real Estate Broker Classes Near Me

I recommend that you talk to two or three different brokerages, see if the brokerage fits your needs well and go ahead and sign up with them. When you go to the brokerage, they will ask you to fill out a form that will be sent to RECA and you will be able to get your permit later.

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Once you receive your License and practice Real Estate under an accredited Brokerage, you have become a Successful Realtor® in Alberta!

RAMAN – “Being a Licensee myself, I know the hurdles one faces when successfully passing the Alberta Real Estate exam.” 1. STUDY GUIDE & PRACTICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

When you go through the RECA course you will be given two main textbooks for the first course, and you will have a large book for the accommodation course. They are adults without clear guidelines on what to consider. The 70% mark is very difficult to pass, especially on the Alberta Real Estate Exams as the questions are harder than you might expect.

The Alberta Real Estate School does a great job of providing short essays that focus on what you will have on the exam. Our coaching has helped many students clear the Alberta Real Estate exam on the first try. Our approach to conceptual understanding and providing targeted advice on key topics is unique.

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We remove unnecessary information and guide you to the most relevant topics to expect in the exam. We will provide you with an opportunity to understand the concepts in a simple and effective way and provide you with special training to make you confident about the topics.

Check out our list of Comprehensive Study Guides with Summary Notes, Key Points, and Sample Test Questions:

If you feel you need a deeper understanding of real estate concepts, you can join us online or in person. In this way, we help you understand these concepts by discussing and explaining each of them in detail. We can answer any questions you may have, help you interpret the information, and help you with assignments and section questions if you are struggling to get them right.

Real Estate Broker Classes Near Me

Instead of wading through a 500-page book, our Quick Guides are small study guides that you can just look at.

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