Role Play Teacher Student Ideas – The Gift Shop Customer – Salesperson RPG is nice because there are so many types of gifts and a wide variety of conversations/rpgs can be created.

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Role Play Teacher Student Ideas

Role Play Teacher Student Ideas

This is a role play and listening/speaking exercise with a celebrity chef. It’s a really fun exercise with wide appeal. I noticed that many of my online students went straight to this exercise before many other exercises.

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Not all students love sports, but for those who do, it’s great exercise. They can watch/listen to the model roleplay (which can also be used as a listening exercise) and then create a roleplay for their sports character.

This is an ESL or English Listening/Speaking Role Play lesson to  practice conversational English. It’s a bit of an old classic and allows for imagination and creativity as you practice past tenses and vocabulary for describing people.

This is a basic English ESL role-play exercise to practice requests and phrasal or compound verbs. Students complete the conversations with suitable expressions. They can then compare the answers and act out the role play.

Easily the most popular and engaging role play is the celebrity interview role play. I suggest the teacher model this activity with a student as a warm-up and to get the students in the mood. Students can then be put into pairs and groups to act out the celebrity interviewer role play themselves. The teacher can go around the room to monitor grammar and language. At the end of the role play exercise, it may be a good idea to have the students write out the complete questions and answers so that the teacher can check for accuracy. This is a fun communication exercise that allows students to be creative and improvise. This activity can also be done as a listening activity. Listen to the interview and record Selena’s answers.

Role Play Situations

This is a listening/speaking exercise for English learners to talk about personality and first impressions. This exercise focuses on a woman. Students look at the photos and try to create a story about how they met this woman. Or the exercise can be used as a listening activity. Students listen to the audio recording and fill in the answers.

This is another first impression role playing exercise. This exercise focuses on a man. As above, the exercise can be used to try to create a story or role play about how they came to know this man. Or again, the exercise can be used as a listening activity. Students listen to the audio recording and fill in the answers.

This is an English exercise that introduces and explores hotel language and vocabulary. Students try to finish the conversation. They can then listen to the conversation and check their answers.

Role Play Teacher Student Ideas

This is a fun ‘Ordering at a Restaurant’ speaking activity that fills in gaps for English class. Students listen to the audio and complete the conversation. Students can then practice  the conversation, role-play, and/or write their own “Ordering at a Restaurant” dialogues.

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This is a listening/speaking activity on the phone. A job applicant calls a company manager on the phone and asks about his requirements for a job position. It includes language and vocabulary commonly used during the job application process. Students listen and try to complete the conversation.

This role-play activity focuses on the language needed for customer service, INTRODUCTION: This role-play activity is a suitable activity for: Primary students – for present simple requests: ‘Where is…?’

“Can I ?” “How much?” etc. Pre-Intermediate students – indirect requests with the verb “to be”: “Do you know where it is?” and “to do”: “Can you tell me how much it costs?” Intermediate students – questions using “if” and the gerund: “Is it okay if?” “Do you mind if?” “Would it be okay if…?” “I wonder if I could? Could you tell me if? “I was wondering if..?”

This role play is great for practicing the language of customer complaints in different situations.

Role Play Respect Online

This is a lesson suitable for pre-intermediate and intermediate ESL/EFL students. This would be a good activity to use with a professional dictionary or with comparative adjectives and nouns. Need ideas for fun role playing games for kids? There are few things more adorable than watching young children engage in role-playing games.

While this type of play usually happens spontaneously without much guidance from an adult, you can help stimulate it by asking the right questions or providing props, objects, or waste materials.

A child whose environment is designed for learning will rise to the challenge. It can be as simple as introducing some new clothing items, offering empty boxes or a sheet of fabric and seeing what the children do with them.

Role Play Teacher Student Ideas

Other times, you might want to facilitate a role-play idea and see if your kids will take to it.

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Remember that as a parent or teacher, you support and encourage play, not take over or direct it.

Whether you’re hosting role-play for kids in your classroom or encouraging it at home, here are some simple ideas for fun role-play activities for kids.

Role play is when a child participating in pretend play (or dramatic play) takes on the role of a person, animal or other creature and acts out a scenario.

The child has different ideas about the role played by the person or the animal – their actions, responsibilities, feelings, worries, etc.

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By taking on the role, the child uses pretense as a safe way to act out their feelings and explore the ideas they have about that particular role.

As they “step into someone else’s shoes,” they learn empathy and develop some insight into how people act and behave in different situations, such as putting a crying baby to sleep or arresting a thief.

While participating in this play with others, children develop expressive language skills and social skills as they communicate, share, work together in different roles, resolve conflicts, and consider the opinions and ideas of others.

Role Play Teacher Student Ideas

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Strategies For Teaching Empathy

While you can buy kids role play outfits online (here are a few), use your imagination and compromise. A white sheet will work well as a superhero cape, and a cardboard box can become many things.

This is one of the most common role-playing activities and can take many forms – a nurse examining a patient, a doctor consulting in his room, or operating in a hospital.

Provide some white coats and medical tools to work with. What can you use as an X-ray machine or a blood pressure machine?

Because eating is such a big part of everyday life and children watch their parents do it daily, they naturally love to pretend they are preparing food (sometimes unseen) and offer it to you.

Jevou Pretend Play Teacher Set, Classroom Role Playing Kit Interactive Play Learning Toys Teacher Gift Ideas For Kids

It’s an easy prop to provide – just raid your kitchen – and it’s just as easy to swap out items. A block of wood can be many things in a kitchen.

This theme often takes the form of a baker or chef, working in a bakery or restaurant.

More than the cooking, kids who play “restaurant” enjoy the whole setting – a table with a tablecloth, fake menus, a waiter in an apron, a pen and paper to take your order, etc.

Role Play Teacher Student Ideas

Children take turns as waiter and customer enjoying their pretend food (use these cooking activities if you want to use real food).

Effective Teaching Strategies & Techniques

You can keep this simple or you can really go to town with this. Place some shelves, groceries, price tags, shopping baskets, a cash register, a payment system, a sign for your grocery store, and even some play money.

Ask your children what kind of store they are creating. Is it a grocery store, a clothing store, or a gift store?

Toddlers often start pretending to care for babies when they are just toddlers themselves. Being cared for is their first experience in the world and they naturally like to put this role into practice.

They love to pretend to be moms and dads who feed their baby, put them to sleep, change their diapers, and soothe them when they are upset.

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Children can use their own items from when they were babies as well as dolls to play this role. They also love to walk babies in toys or real strollers.

Sometimes the role play isn’t focused on taking care of one child, but rather plays a family going about their business.

In this scenario, the children are assigned different roles. One child is a mother, one is a father, and others are children, grandparents or even pets.

Role Play Teacher Student Ideas

Children who have watched their parents or others work at office-style jobs – whether at home or at work – will want to emulate this

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