Starting An Etsy Shop Tips – 5-day hands-on course to build an Etsy shop from scratch + white label Canva templates you can copy.

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Starting An Etsy Shop Tips

Starting An Etsy Shop Tips

This checklist was written to give you an overview of starting, growing, and scaling an Etsy store.

Side Hustle Showcase: The Truth Behind Etsy

Before you download the Etsy store checklist at the end of this guide, read through this section and understand the entire process first. Then download the PDF, print it and follow along.

I’ve also included relevant links to other free Etsy tutorials if you want to read more about this topic.

Master the skills you need to grow a profitable Etsy store. Whether Etsy is your hobby, side hustle, or full-time job, spend less time worrying about selling and more time being creative.

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A practical 5-day course to build your Etsy shop from scratch, even if you have no graphic design skills or you’re not tech-savvy

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Starting An Etsy Shop Tips

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Even if there isn’t huge competition for shoppers’ attention, you can still improve your listings and attract more customers without changing your inventory or completely redoing your approach. approach the seller. To stand out, you have to do everything right, and these 10 Etsy tips will help you avoid the typical blunders that can elevate your listings from excellent to great — as well as your sales. you go from good to great.

How To Sell On Etsy (while Keeping Your Independence)

In a leading online marketplace like Etsy, your products won’t inspire visitors to click without professional-quality photos. Taking excellent photos is one of the biggest tips for selling on Etsy, and you definitely need to buy, borrow, or rent professional camera equipment.

No matter how high resolution your camera is, lighting is still important for getting a great photo. Consult the manual on lighting and product photography. There are a number of print photography guidebooks available as well as countless free online courses that can help you improve your product photography.

Photographers today have great potential thanks to their status as businesses. Every business benefits from creative thinking, so look for some eye-catching photography business names.

Starting An Etsy Shop Tips

Don’t be afraid to edit your images after taking them. Even if you can’t afford expensive imaging software, there are plenty of great free options available online and as apps. While you should never fool around with your products, making sure the colors are accurate or editing images to get a better look at the product can be helpful.

How To Start An Etsy Shop With Less Than $100

Below is an example image of an Etsy shop tip, professional quality images of WalkintheBark’s fashionable dog collars displayed prominently on their website. They prove that great lighting, clean backgrounds, try any of the online background removal tools to create new clean backgrounds, and great quality are the foundations that make your product stand out.

For comparison, see the first product photo from katiesk9kollars. Although the images are identical (patterned collar on a plain background), katiesk9kollars’ is of poorer quality, does not show the item clearly, and is cropped in an inconvenient place. It seems like the seller didn’t put much effort into this and didn’t present the product in an attractive way.

SEO should be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to getting your products seen by customers. Getting your titles right can help your items appear earlier in search results – so make sure your titles follow SEO best practices. Here are some Etsy SEO tips on how to make your product titles more optimized:

Remember that when selling on Etsy, these tips here aren’t the only things that attract people. The main purpose of the title is to make your product appear in search results. People will buy from you if you have good images, product descriptions, and other aspects.

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Take a look at wedding invitations from Sunnyprint as an example of how to make your Etsy shop stand out:

It’s a bit repetitive but it’s effective because it helps their invite show up at the top of the search results. Whether they type in “wedding invitations” or “printable wedding invitations,” shoppers will be able to find stationery.

Consider browsing Etsy as if you were a customer. One of Etsy’s helpful tips is to check out the niches you want to dominate, as well as your competitors. Determination:

Starting An Etsy Shop Tips

Don’t copy what other sellers are doing – the most important tips from Etsy sellers, but take note of what works in your area and change your own products accordingly; No one has the monopoly on knowing what is trending in their market. Check to see what your competitors are doing every 6 months or so; On platforms like Etsy, trends and popularity can change quickly.

How To Sell On Etsy Etsy Sellers Guide How To Start An

Try it – Omnichannel tool to list products on the marketplace and integrate your Etsy store with other sales channels.

Yes, professional-looking photos are important, but placing everything against a plain background isn’t the only option, and it’s certainly not the best way to stand out.

One of the Etsy tricks we like to share is to show off any items you’ve worn, such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, belts, or other accessories. Show your product in action, not just in a “studio” setting but also if it serves a specific purpose. Show a photo of a campfire or portable tent being used outside, or a snapshot of someone walking their dog while wearing the leash you’re selling.

The key to a product photo is to capture the shopper’s imagination as well as accurately illustrate what your product looks like. Can they imagine themselves wearing your clothes? Does the lifestyle you are presenting appeal to them? They should be!

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Using appropriate props, like RootsWingsHandmade did, is an easy way to spice things up. To make their product stand out among the sea of ​​sought-after rug photos, they took advantage of the doormat by including wine and wine glasses.

As for Etsy shopper advice, your item description is a giant sales pitch. People who are reading your product descriptions have found your items, clicked on them, and are looking for information to help them decide whether or not to buy. You’re halfway through your sales journey, and what you say about your products will determine whether you make them or not.

Shoppers want specific information at this point in their journey, so tell them everything they need to know before making a purchase. Your customers will prefer to buy things that have complete information such as size, shipping time, size information, material information and any other information about the product.

Starting An Etsy Shop Tips

You also need to make your product sound as good as possible in addition to the above information. Is your pottery made by hand? Dip dyed carpets in small batches? One-of-a-kind designs? What makes your product unique should be placed prominently. Consider posting a customer quote about how great your product is as social proof to emphasize your true value. You can do this consistently by using a social media post scheduling app.

Top Tips You Need Before Opening An Etsy Shop

FreshPottery has mastered the art of describing ceramic items. Let’s see how useful and attractive they are:

Note that FreshPottery highlights the benefits of cups such as individual throw, food safe, solid, dishwasher safe as well as a detailed size list. However, they present a wonderfully atmospheric introduction, talking about using their lame pants for “a cold evening or a cold evening”.


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