Superior Health Plan Star Medicaid – AUSTIN, Texas – Goodside Health, the state’s leading provider of school-based telehealth and screening services, has partnered with Superior HealthPlan to bring virtual care to children in school districts across Texas. The partnership allows children to see a medical provider, virtually, while at school to address a variety of health problems or illnesses.

“Telehealth has become increasingly important because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. David Harmon, Chief Medical Officer of Superior HealthPlan, a leading managed care organization in the state. “Our goal in working with Goodside Health is to make it easier for children—whether a Superior HealthPlan member or not—to have access to high-quality care when they need it.”

Superior Health Plan Star Medicaid

Superior Health Plan Star Medicaid

SchoolMed, Goodside Health’s innovative school-based telehealth program, allows students and staff to see an age-appropriate physician or nurse practitioner to assess, diagnose and provide treatment for common conditions and illnesses in the convenient environment of the school. Designed to empower school nurses, SchoolMed provides districts with the tools and resources to maintain a safe and healthy environment with a focus on academic success.

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Goodside Health is currently partnered with more than 70 districts throughout Texas. SchoolMed partners also receive rapid on-site testing for COVID-19, flu, and strep, as well as over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers, allergy medications, and other supplies needed to provide high-quality care, all at no cost to the school. .

“We are honored to join Superior HealthPlan to bring the quality, timely care available through our programs to even more children in schools across the state,” said Tracy Spinner, Vice President of Education and Strategic Initiatives of Goodside Health. “This partnership makes physical and behavioral health more accessible to those who need it most.”

In addition, the partnership will support members of the state’s STAR Health Medicaid program for children and youth in families. As the sole provider of STAR Health coverage, Superior HealthPlan works with Goodside Health to offer statewide on-demand telehealth services to those members, as well as Child and Adolescent Critical Assessments (CANS) 2.0 in the El Paso area.

“We are excited to use this partnership to support the children and youth we serve in the Texas foster care system,” said Dr. Harmon. “Combined with the many other innovative programs and services we offer, this partnership should have a positive impact on the STAR Health community.”

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Founded in 1999, Superior HealthPlan provides quality, affordable health care in all 254 counties in Texas. Superior believes that transforming the health of communities happens one person at a time, and is proud to partner with hundreds of local organizations to provide personalized care to members. Superior HealthPlan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, the leading healthcare company that is committed to helping people live healthier lives. To learn more about Superior HealthPlan, follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

Goodside Health advances the delivery of pediatric care by partnering with communities to provide access to telehealth, mental health and care services in the school, home and clinic. Relentless advocates for expanding access to care and promoting health equity, Goodside Health leverages a Whole-Child Approach to care and lives our mission to close the gaps in children’s health care through innovation and execution. To learn more about Goodside Health, visit www..

Julia wears many hats in her role as Goodside Health’s Regional Provider Lead for Florida. In addition to administering clinical care for students and staff as a provider through Goodside Health’s SchoolMed program, he engages directly with Goodside Health’s partner districts throughout Florida. Julia provides ongoing training and support to school health professionals and district staff to ensure they are confident using Goodside Health’s custom telehealth platform. She is deeply invested in the local communities her teams serve, and finds time to connect with the families in her care through speaking engagements and community events.

Superior Health Plan Star Medicaid

Julia is on a mission to bring equitable access to health care to children across Florida through her work with the SchoolMed program. “Clinically it is fulfilling to work in this capacity to provide care. As a company, Goodside Health is the leader in providing this type of comprehensive care, based in the school for a reason. Passion and experience are two of the our values ​​and it shows in the way we empower schools and communities through our caring model.”

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SchoolMed visits are a primary way Julia and her team help school districts maintain a safe and healthy environment for in-person learning. “I want districts to see how much our providers care about their needs. Making sure their schools stay healthy, getting students the assistance they need to get back to class, reducing chronic absenteeism, and treating staff of the school responsibly. I want them to know that we will support families by providing education and increasing health literacy in their communities.”

Julia strives to provide a simple and seamless experience for her students and their families, and as a working mother of two boys, she understands the demands parents make when a child becomes ill. “Parents and guardians of school-age children are busy! I want them to know that we respect their time. We follow evidence-based practices to make the best decisions we can so parents/guardians don’t have no need to seek additional care after a visit to SchoolMed. We send in the prescription, if necessary, so parents and guardians can collect it when they pick up their child from school. Parents and guardians receive all the post- visit they need to make sure they are on the right track. They don’t need to follow up with a Primary Care Provider, get a prescription through someone else, worry about school grades and follow up with school after illness . We are on the same team, to help your child in the most effective and efficient way possible, to return to health as soon as possible.”

As a provider, Julia is excited about the growth that Goodside Health is experiencing. “At our heart, we are telemedicine providers, so we don’t always have ‘hands-on’ time with the students in our care. During a visit to SchoolMed, we virtually rely on the school nurse to be our hands and they pass their results on to us through that collaboration,” says Julia. Goodside Health has been able to expand its service offerings to partner districts in several ways, most recently offering Wellness + Sports Physicals that provide a holistic assessment that prepares students for sports participation, and much more.

“Our in-person offerings, such as Wellness + Sports Physicals, or Whole Child Physicals, for example, give us the opportunity to physically assess the patient. It’s important for providers, and I know it’s important for students. For some of these children, this is the only physical they will receive all year. If there is something to be caught, this is our opportunity to catch and provide comprehensive care to keep them healthy all year.”

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Julia brings a wealth of clinical knowledge, compassion and experience to her role on the Goodside Health team. Outside of work, Julia is a dedicated mother to two boys and is married to “the best guy I could ask for.” Despite her fear of heights and flying, she enjoys exploring the world through travel. She knows the value of a healthy lifestyle and gets up “crazy early” for work, fueled by her love of caffeine. Julia also likes to dress to impress, but even more than a special dress, she appreciates a nice bag or the perfect pair of shoes.

Paige is passionate about her work with Goodside Health because when she was a child, she would have benefited from a program like SchoolMed. “I grew up without access to health care and it only took one or two opportunities to change the entire trajectory of my future. We’re doing that for the students we serve now.”

Paige played an integral role in the launch of the Wellness + Sports Physical program, which saw the first portion of students in April of 2021. “Wellness + Sports Physicals provides a way to extend our care offering to students who they need support all year round. When we decided to execute this idea, we had no idea what it would look like or how much impact it would have.”

Superior Health Plan Star Medicaid

The second season of Wellness + Sports Physicals is underway and demand from Goodside Health’s partner districts has far exceeded initial projections. The real reward, however, is our providers’ ability to build relationships with district staff, returning parents/guardians, and students attending an event.

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“I can’t tell you how many students said to me during a Wellness + Physical Sport event at a school: ‘I’m going to do sports this year!’ I’ve never been able to because I couldn’t get a physical,” Paige said. “It’s powerful. My team has the privilege of being on the floor and seeing some of the same kids come back this year, and share with us, “Hey, I really loved basketball, I can’t wait to play again.” of impact”.

One of Goodside Health’s core values ​​is adaptability. Paige is

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