Tip For Us Citizens Only – Is being a US citizen right for you? Weighing the benefits of US citizenship and the responsibilities of being an American

If you are a green card holder who has met the requirements for naturalization – or will in the near future – you may be wondering if obtaining US citizenship is the right decision. The short and simple answer to that question is yes, if you plan to live in the United States permanently.

Tip For Us Citizens Only

Tip For Us Citizens Only

For some people, the answer is a little more complicated – usually for reasons related to identity or value.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of becoming an American citizen — as well as the laws that prevent some green card holders from obtaining citizenship — to help you decide whether naturalization is the next step you need. to do on your immigration journey.

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Becoming a US citizen is a logical step for many green card holders, especially if they intend to stay in the United States for a long time. Don’t know the U.S. offers many benefits not available for those who use green cards.

You cannot be deported to your former country of citizenship or country. You will have the same right as any other American to live and work in the United States. Even if you are charged with a crime in the future, you will be able to stay in the United States. (Although recent news reports have indicated that the US government plans to pursue additional “denaturalizations” based on prior criminal convictions, this should not affect the vast majority of US citizens.)

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You can travel with one of the most powerful passports in the world. Applying for a US passport after receiving your Naturalization Certificate is a major benefit of becoming a US citizen. With a US passport, you can visit more than 180 places for a short trip without a visa, go on as many trips abroad as you want for as long as you want, and seek help from local US embassies in times of crisis.

You can get federal benefits that are only available to US citizens. After you enroll, you will have full access to some government benefit programs, such as federal college aid available only to US citizens.

You can apply for green cards for your relatives. You will be able to sponsor your parents, older children, and siblings for their own green cards.

Tip For Us Citizens Only

Your children automatically become US citizens – even if they were born abroad. You just need to report your child’s birth at a US embassy or consulate.

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You will no longer have to deal with immigration documents. You will not need to renew your green card or pay an immigration application fee. You also do not have to notify USCIS each time you move.

You can apply for jobs in the US government. Many federal government jobs are reserved for US citizens only. While every job has its pros and cons, federal employees and their families often receive more benefits and income than federal employees.

You can vote in the U.S. election. whatever. U.S. citizens only. can vote in federal elections. Non-citizens can vote in some local elections. If you want to influence the government in your city or in the United States as a whole, the voting booth is the place to start.

You can run for elected office. US citizenship is required for federal government agencies and for many positions at the state and local government levels.

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There are only a few reasons – aside from being well defined in their country – why some people deliberately choose to give up their US citizenship in favor of green card holders.

You may be required to give up your citizenship in other countries. Depending on your country’s laws on dual citizenship (citizenship of two countries at the same time), you may be able to give up your current citizenship when you become an American. The United States offers dual citizenship. Many countries – Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, for example – also allow you to be a citizen of another country. India, Japan and many others, however, require you to give up your citizenship in those countries once you become an American.

It is best to check your country’s policy on dual citizenship before applying for citizenship if you intend to retain foreign citizenship.

Tip For Us Citizens Only

You must file a US income tax return for life – no matter where you live. As a US citizen, even if you move abroad, you must still file a US income tax return. As long as you meet certain requirements, you will be able to withdraw from your income until the end of the year – currently more than $ 100,000 – allowed by the US government, which means that it will not be taxed. Any amount over that limit will be taxed.

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Your criminal history will be thoroughly checked. If you have committed a crime that could get you deported – such as immigration fraud, drug use, or domestic violence – it is especially important to seek legal help before applying for create yourself.

You may be called up for military service. Conscription was abolished in 1973. However, if you are reinstated, you can be drafted. Any man who has lived in the United States or obtained their green card between the ages of 18 and 26 – unless they have an immigration status other than “green card holder” – must register at Selective Service System.

You may be called to serve on a jury. In the United States, jury duty and legal proceedings are mandatory. If you are called, you must go, but you cannot choose to serve. Only judges and attorneys appointed after summons will serve on the jury.

Active-duty military personnel, fire and police officers and certain public government employees serving full-time in their ranks are exempt from federal jury duty. Individuals who have served on a federal grand jury in the past two years, who are 71 years of age and older, or who volunteer to answer questions in general may request an exemption. with services, but policies differ from district courts. State and local courts enforce their own laws but generally exempt people because of age, disability, or their position in government.

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Tip For Us Citizens Only

As British travelers discover on their first visit to the United States, introductions are embedded in culture. But it is very easy to break the rules.

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The issue was thrown into the limelight again recently when an American server shared a group of angry diners on Twitter.

“Lmao I f*** Europeans sometimes hate god,” wrote the user “brecht apologist” on the social platform. This table left $70 in a $700 check after it stopped for HOURS. My manager even asked about their work and they were over the moon about my work so he explained that the custom tip is 20% and they were like ‘ok.’ and left”.

Discover the rapidly growing debate under the first level, with Europeans, and the British in particular, like to explain that, in fact, the US culture is not only foreign to us, but is confusing.

So join me, reader, as I try to break down the many rules that apply when it comes to helping across the pond.

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Almost anything is moving in the travel sector in the US. Taxi drivers (and Uber), of course. Bellhops who deliver your luggage to the room. Guides and drivers on tours. And, while you eat and drink, the wait staff and bartenders. This also extends to dining cars and trains, and drinks in airports, although there is no expectation (yet) to give airlines access to safe and timely flights.

Drivers expect a minimum of 15% – anything less (or no tip at all) will show that you are giving yourself money. For a smile at the end of the trip, it’s 20 percent. A good way to pay is by having a $1 tip – this goes to the driver. On a $20 trip, a $3 deposit would be great.

Uber invites you to contribute in large quantities: for a $10 trip, for example, you can be offered a choice of $1, $3 or $5 – the amount of 10, 30 or 50 percent .In this case, I choose “Custom Amount.” and pay $2 (20 percent).

Tip For Us Citizens Only

If you stay in a place where bellhops take

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