Trec Approved Home Inspection Courses – Texas licensed real estate agents can take the following free, online continuing education courses approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission:

Log in to the course with your username and password you created in step #1. Have your Inter-Inspector ID # ready and get instant access to the syllabus. Example ID #: 97010101

Trec Approved Home Inspection Courses

Trec Approved Home Inspection Courses

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Multi-Inspector Companies Take your organization to the next level. BizVelop Free Business Development Guide. Chapters engage with your local community. Logo & Marketing Design Make your brand stand out. Webinars & Videos Live monthly educational broadcasts. Working as a home inspector can be extremely rewarding because you know that every client you serve is getting the valuable information they need when considering whether to buy or sell a home. If you’re thinking about becoming a certified home inspector in Texas, read on for some steps you’ll need to take, contact Continuing Education for Licensing in Canton to view the courses we offer.

A real estate appraiser is a person who is licensed to perform property inspections prior to the final steps of a real estate transaction. In Texas, the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) offers three different types of licenses to home inspectors, including Apprentice Inspector, Real Estate Inspector, and Professional Real Estate Inspector.

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As you’ve probably guessed, a practice analyst is someone who holds an entry-level license. They must train under the direct supervision of a professional real estate appraiser. After gaining appropriate experience and meeting other educational requirements, they are allowed to take the real estate inspector exam.

This level of home inspector license is an intermediate level. You must meet the requirements for a practicing analyst, as well as complete the courses required for continuing education. Once these requirements are met, you will be required to take the exam and then continue working under indirect supervision under a professional real estate appraiser.

This is the highest license you can obtain in the state of Texas. As with the previous two levels of home inspector licensing, you must become a real estate inspector, complete the required educational classes, and pass an exam. Once you obtain your professional real estate inspector license, you no longer need the sponsorship of another license holder to inspect.

Trec Approved Home Inspection Courses

Continuing education for licensing in Canton can provide you with the exact educational courses you need for each level of home inspector licensing. Whether you prefer to study online or in a classroom setting, we can provide you with the materials and study resources you need. Our team of experts are fully trained to provide you with the information you need to make the process as easy as possible. Once you’ve passed each course you need, we provide exam preparation materials so you’re fully prepared to take the exam and become a certified home inspector.

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If you’re not entirely sure which classes to take, or need help preparing for your exam, please contact us so we can point you in the right direction. Continuing education for licensure in Canton is here and I’m happy to provide the assistance you need as you get ready to begin your journey to becoming a certified home inspector in Texas. Call today and get started on this exciting career path! INTER is currently working to offer a qualified educational program accredited by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). For more information on currently approved classes to become a Texas licensed home inspector, visit the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector Association (TPREIA) and speak with Paul or Brenda Roebuck. They can help you with eligibility and continuing education questions, state testing and the state application process.

To help you prepare for the state exam, you might consider becoming a member of Inter®. Why? Members have unlimited access to Inter’s free online training and continuing education, our recommended home inspector courses, our free certification programs, our members-only forum, amazing member benefits, our online inspector exam, and our free practice questions.

We are pleased to invite you to join us for another fun-filled weekend at our Texas Inspectors Convention & Expo presented by TPREIA-Inter®, January 18-20, 2024 at the Brazos County Expo Center in Bryan, Texas. ‘I am pleased to offer two days of intensive classes to help meet your continuing education needs. Win prizes and study tools in our raffle and meet the best sellers in the study industry!

TPREIA-Inter® is excited to invite you to join them for a free educational event near you for 16 hours worth of TREC-approved CE credit. Each class is held from 8 am to 5 pm. Both days will give you important information to improve your home tests. Don’t miss this free opportunity to further your professional development and keep up with industry trends! Email Brenda@inter for details.

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Inter® members can take any free online course approved by Texas/TREC. For a list of CE courses approved by Texas/TREC, go to Inter’s Course Catalog and select “Texas” under “Filter by Approvals” on the left. As of 2020, students can only take a maximum of 16 credits in any one discipline for renewal.

To view TREC’s approvals for inter courses and classes, visit the TREC website and search for “inter”.

Upon completion of a Texas-accredited online course through Inter®, we will submit your credits to TREC. Here is a helpful video on how to download a Texas certificate for your records.

Trec Approved Home Inspection Courses

Inter® partners with the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association (TPREIA) to offer local training courses, chapter events and state conferences. Inter® and TPREIA offer continuing education courses in Texas. Contact Paul and Brenda Roebuck at TPREIA: (Brenda direct) 281-802-3374; Email or Visit Paul and Brenda can help you with anything you need related to Texas, including your questions about Texas inspector licensing.

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To become a licensed home inspector in Texas, individuals must meet adequate insurance requirements. Inter® members are eligible for discounts and enhanced coverage. For information on how to register, visit / Insurance.

Although there are no state regulations for radon testing in Texas, the Texas Radiation Control Program recommends that the public hire an NRPP-certified professional (as of December 2014). Visit the Texas website for details.

Inter’s free, online “Radon Measurement Professional Introductory Training” is AARST-NRPP approved for both initial certification and continuing education. To complete all components of NRPP radon certification, visit their site for more information.

Inter’s free online radon measurement professional introductory training course is NRSB-approved for initial certification. For those seeking NRSB continuing education, members must take the free online “Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider” course.

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Under a TREC-issued home inspector license, an inspector cannot comment on termite infestations. Regardless of the underlying cause, they should comment on visible damage and note it as a defect in their report, but not assess that the damage was specifically caused by wood-destroying insects.

A person making a pest report must be licensed by the state as a pest inspector. These licenses are issued by the Texas Structural Pest Control Service of the Texas Department of Agriculture at

Inter’s WDO report form does not require the home inspector to specifically identify pests. Learn more about WDO.

Trec Approved Home Inspection Courses

Experience world-class investigative training and Inter® member events at our House of Horrors® locations in Colorado and Florida. Inter® House of Horrors® is an entire house of 1,000 horrors under our roof. Register for a free event, take a tutorial, test-drive inspection kits, attend an inspector chapter meeting, and explore the House of Horrors®. *This training does not count toward obtaining a Texas license.*

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Texas-licensed real estate agents can earn free continuing education loans by following real guidelines.


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