Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers – Over the years of working in the trucking industry, I have learned what to look for in a carrier, for a good experience.

To make your job search easier, we’ve sorted through the air, smoke and mirrors, and hand-picked the names of the top trucking companies to work for in the following categories:

Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers

Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers

. Medium Carriers, a complex freight forwarding company, is managed with wisdom and is known for being very popular with its drivers. ** (

How To Find Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience

They have a good reputation for treating their drivers ‘like family’. Many drivers stay with this company: lower prices than industry standards.

-Walmart is a quality trucking company with good job security, good pay, low driver turnover, all sought after by morale and drivers. The reason for the strong job security is because Walmart is not a carrier, but a private carrier. Good health helps.

They travel with their own fleet of trucks and carry their goods, not a common situation for trucking companies, but one that provides more security for the business.

I really like Walmart as it is a private ship, with excellent job security. Although they have thousands of trucks, but again don’t fall into the typical mega carrier class.

Lccc Truck Driver Training Offers Road To Comfortable Career

. TMC is a flatbed truck outfit, based in Des Moines, Iowa. They own and operate the best equipment, a real attraction for drivers.

. A new and innovative company. The main prize, covering all regions, is the reputation of treating drivers with respect.

This medium-sized, privately owned company runs some of the best-looking corporate vehicles seen on the road. However, they are not known to be the highest paying carrier. They are a specialized car transport service out of Denver, Colorado.

Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers

Crete Carriers + Shaffer Trucking – Lincoln, NE, Mechanicsburg, PA – These two companies are part of the same group. Good pay. A respected trucking company in trucking. Krete and Shaffer require one year of driving. They recently increased their truck’s top speed to 68 MPH in cruise, 65 MPH on the pedal. They offered good benefits including a 401K match and profit sharing. They have an excellent program for animals and riders.

Sap Program Driver Friendly Trucking Companies In The Usa 2023 [updated]

Estes Express – A good start-up company for truckers. They have a large cargo area. Great pay, good home time, respect for their drivers.

– A good starting company for a new CDL driver. The pay is good and yes they have Peterbilts, if that interests you.

– The company has good funding (which is important), no training for the team driver, 3 weeks of structured training, less time with a mentor on the road than most.

Shaffer Trucking – They have a 6-8 week training course with a consultant. 1 week 8 hours of team driving conditions.

What Types Of Truck Drivers Are There?

– JB Hunt is a respected carrier. The payment is said to be good. They have a hyper-focused safety program, including a driver-focused dash camera.

– New mod tools, different layouts eg. home every day, 21 on/7 off, home for the week, home elsewhere for the weekend. Dispatch seems to work well with drivers.

– Flatbed company, well equipped. Being a flatbed job, the job is not easy. They offer good pay and benefits.

Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers

– Strong trucking company in Louisiana, hiring company drivers and owner operators. Van and tanker division. Here are the truck driving jobs currently available in Dupre.

Trucking Jobs For New Drivers & Recent Graduates

It can be a solid choice for new drivers. The training is good, but the pay is lower than their ‘equivalent’. They look at those with serious crimes on a case-by-case basis. Number of Drivers Managers are former truck drivers. It seems to have a balanced volume. It’s a good mile. Run brand new machines.

-CFI is a recommended company to start for a new driver. They hire new drivers, offer a paid CDL training program, hire experienced drivers and active owners.

If you’ve made the decision that paid CDL training is for you, here are some of the trucking companies with CDL schools to check out.

There are more companies than listed below. The following are some that may be worth reviewing.

Connecting Trucking To A New Generation Of Drivers

They use modern quality equipment, always well maintained. They stand out for being one of the best trucking companies with paid training.

Maverick is truly a mega carrier. However, I personally rate them a cut above the rest, due to the fact that they are well-maintained carriers.

We like the fact that their initial training period is three weeks and when they finish this part, the student is then paired with a professional trainer for another five weeks.

Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers

They have been rated the highest paying carrier by the National Transportation Institute, for the past 14 years.

Tips To Choose The Best Trucking Company For New Drivers

. Yards in Sioux City, IA, Denton, TX Springfield, MA, Atlanta, GA and Crete, NE, the company has been around for over 80+ years.

They are privately owned, and known for their low driver turnover rate. Of course there are shipping lanes, which carry a lot of temperature controlled products as well as other dry cargo.

– We have had many positive reviews from their drivers. Their OTR runs are around 10-12 days (2-3 days off). Drivers say they are treated well, good equipment, maintenance and fuel bonuses. Also regional/local driver jobs in these areas: Kansas City, MO, Memphis, TN, Dallas, TX, North Houston, TX, Eldon, MO, Chicago, IL, Keoluk, IA.

– Largest U.S. tanker company Fuel division, specialty products, compressed gas, van division, dump trailer. Mileage rate is very good. Replacement of all work done.

Where Will Future Truck Drivers Work?

Forward Air Corporation – Greeneville, TN – Great pay (highest paying company in the industry to Working Owners), respect for stakeholders. Most contractors stay with the company for a long time.

. Crete’s headquarters is located in the middle of the US, in Lincoln, Nebraska, which can make this great carrier convenient, if you live in the middle of the U.S.A. region.

They have a reputation for being a leading outfit and are known for treating their employees well. Their postings get good reports of success and privacy (which may be rare).

Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers

I have interviewed the current drivers in Crete who say they receive far-reaching ‘promotions’, due to their performance during the current Pole.

Companies That Offer No Experience Trucking Jobs

They have been around for 55 years and are still the only ones we think are a good perk.

– If you are looking for a trucking job that challenges your skills as a professional, then a truck at the North Pole could be for you. It pays well. A good reputation.

– A small California-based company that carries dedicated products for Costco Wholesale, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Northern CA and Southern CA. They pay for all driving time and on the job, plus mileage. They also have a good medical package.

Sterling Travel – Miami, FL, Houston, TX, Coppell, TX – Great pay, great benefits, good amount of home time.

Focus: Amazon’s Trucking Ambitions Bump Up Against Driver Shortage, Competition

Indian River Transport, Inc – This mid-sized food grade tanker outfit is based out of Winter Haven, Florida. They run great machines, although it is not the highest paying carrier.

Dynamic Transit, Inc.- This Granite, Illinois carrier has an ‘old school’ feel. They run ten speed manual Peterbilt 389 hood trucks, rated at 70 mph with reefer sections.

GP Transco – This OTR carrier hires professional drivers from all over the state and is known for treating their drivers well.

Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers

Good pay, benefits, can be home every night, work hard to get drivers home when needed. They also have a fly in the driver option. Usually 500-600 miles trips. The company pays for the driver’s travel, boarding and boarding. It runs very well ordered by the Postal Service, (which can be bad if they are not satisfied with the service.)

Truck Driver Pay Types Explained

The payments are good and are paid weekly, so miles are not an issue. New types of equipment. Usually at home every week. 4 cents/mile savings bonus. There is no pressure to send. Dispatchers must be experienced drivers. They run most of the continental US Most of the drivers have 10+ years with the company.

Samson Trucking – Sammons has been around for a while. They specialize in trucking and are based in Missoula, Montana. They hire all the company’s drivers as well as working owners.

– OTR and local work. Currently at .70/mile (2400+ miles/week). The company has a stable weekly wage rate. Health benefits are reasonably priced, weekly fees. Specializing in temperature controlled shipping.

– Wolding is a privately owned dry goods carrier based in Amherst, Wisconsin. A notable characteristic of Wolding is their low driver turnover rate, which says a lot about their driving skills.

Trucking Firm Estes Express Submits $1.3 Billion Bid For Yellow’s Shipment Centers

A well-maintained carrier is known for treating their drivers well. I have personally spoken to many of their drivers over the years, and every driver has spoken highly of their experiences with this company.

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Trucking Companies For Inexperienced Drivers

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