University Of Maryland Global Campus Courses – Springboard, an online learning platform that helps students prepare for desired careers through mentored courses and programs, has partnered with the nation’s largest online public university, the University of Maryland Global Campus. has joined through which students can take Springboard courses. in software engineering, cybersecurity and data analytics, with three more career tracks.

“Springboard’s programs are highly responsive to the changing needs of today’s labor market and bring accessible, affordable and flexible education to the public,” said Gautam Tambe, Springboard co-founder and CEO. “Leading the charge in innovating online education, and by bringing our human-led approach to one of the nation’s most prestigious online universities, we believe we can create new avenues of success for students. can help provide pathways.”

University Of Maryland Global Campus Courses

University Of Maryland Global Campus Courses

The partnership is Springboard’s largest to date and is designed to prepare students for high-tech fields in which the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13 percent growth in the current decade alone—some Also faster than other professions.

University Of Maryland Global Campus And Amazon Announce New Phase Of Education Partnership

“This alliance not only offers a non-traditional path to career success, but also a credential that is relevant and closely tied to ensuring employability,” said Dr. Greg Fowler. “While we always support learners who earn a degree, this partnership is another way for us to support learners who will change their lives with diverse experiences, as well as workforce readiness. We will demonstrate our willingness to partner with businesses to ensure that.”

Springboard’s curriculum is developed by industry experts, and students have access to support from industry professionals and guidance from career coaches on networking and landing a job. Students enrolled in the courses will gain real-world experience and develop unique portfolios of work.

In similar programs, Springboard students have received job offers from Amazon, Facebook, Dell, IBM, Salesforce and more than 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Programs will be open to the public, and prospective students with previous industry or academic experience for enrollment. Students who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion.

Enrollment for Software Engineering, Cyber ​​Security and Data Analytics career tracks opens on April 25, 2022 and classes begin on June 13, 2022.

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Founded in 2013 by Parul Gupta and Gautam Tambe, Springboard is on a mission to transform 1 million lives through education by 2030. Springboard believes that every student is unique and needs a learning experience tailored to their own pace of life, supported by advisors and mentors. More than 20,000 students in 100+ countries have used Springboard to advance their careers through the platform’s comprehensive, mentor-led online learning programs. Graduates have landed jobs with employers such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Reddit, Facebook and Boeing. Springboard has also trained corporate teams at Visa, Gusto, and The North Face. Springboard was recently named one of the 2022 GSV EdTech 150 – a list of the world’s most transformative growth companies in digital learning. Springboard is a 2020 Inc. 5000 company based in San Francisco, recently named a Top Workplace for Women by Alpha, and is backed by leading venture capital firms including Telstra Ventures, Vulcan Capital, SJF Ventures, Reach Capital, Pearson Ventures , supported by International Finance Corp. ., Costanoa Ventures, Learn Capital, and Blue Fog Capital.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, the University of Maryland Global Campus () was established in 1947 to serve adults in the workforce. Today, it enrolls nearly 90,000 students annually, offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, as well as certificates in more than 90 fully online and hybrid programs and specializations.

It has a long history of innovation in getting students where they are, including launching its first online classes in 1994. Demand from sectors like cyber security, business, data analytics, healthcare and education.

University Of Maryland Global Campus Courses

In addition to educational centers in Maryland and the metropolitan Washington, DC area, it offers in-person classes or services to military personnel and their families at more than 175 locations in more than 20 countries. More than half of the university’s student body is active duty military personnel, reservists, members of the National Guard, veterans, and dependents.

University Of Maryland Global Campus Mission & History

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more about how we use cookies by reading our privacy policy. A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity equips students with the knowledge and skills to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems, detect digital exploits, and implement effective security measures. Cybersecurity program graduates are well-prepared to protect against cyberattacks and establish strong security protocols in a variety of contexts involving computer systems and sensitive data.

There’s never been a better time to consider earning a cybersecurity bachelor’s degree than in the fast-paced 21st century. With the increasing integration of technology into our lives—including mobile networks, Wi-Fi and cloud computing applications—there is an even greater need to ensure that those technologies are protected from criminals.

As a result, the field of cyber security is developing rapidly. If you’re considering a career in computer science, take a look at programs that offer a bachelor’s in cybersecurity. With cyber attacks on the rise and cyber threats becoming increasingly complex, this degree provides a solid foundation to prepare for one of the many jobs available in the field.

Before starting your cybersecurity curriculum, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s the field for you. Information security is a highly analytical field that is important for everyone. People with a strong background in math do well, as do those with strong logic skills.

Loyola University Maryland

If math isn’t for you, you can try formal logic instead. Make sure you take formal logic and that the course focuses exclusively on functional logic proofs, which look a lot like mathematical derivation but without the numbers.

Another great way to prepare for your cybersecurity bachelor’s is to work in the military and work in high technology. Your experience can benefit you in the classroom and improve your professional life, especially if you get a secret clearance. Your clearances will expire when you rejoin the civilian workforce, but you can note them on your resume, especially when applying to defense contractors who will appreciate it. The Army has trusted you in the past.

There are also many ways to prepare for computer science online. You can start learning many coding languages ​​for free with the help of instructional websites and YouTube videos. If you’re interested in coding problem-solving and creativity and find success with these resources, you’ll likely enjoy and thrive in a cybersecurity program.

University Of Maryland Global Campus Courses

Depending on what your area of ​​interest is, some possible cybersecurity undergraduate degrees for research may include:

Umgc June Virtual Recruiter Session

In the core of this degree, you will learn to understand security systems and database management to provide information security and assurance.

If you’re interested in the technology behind criminal justice, this degree will teach you both geography and information technology to give you a foundation for solving cybercrime.

Discover how to implement and test secure software while learning how to assess vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in security systems.

If you already have an associate’s degree in computer security and are working in an IT department, or if you need an educational structure that works around your responsibilities, you may want to consider your bachelor’s degree. Can get the line. There are many universities that have full-scale cybersecurity degree programs online, and many that offer both in-class instruction with the option of online courses.

Owasso’s Wasserberg, Sarosy Graduate From University Of Maryland Global Campus

All cybersecurity undergraduate degree programs will cover the basics of the field, and some of the core courses you take may include:

No matter what your needs are, try to take at least one online course during your undergraduate studies. As you enter the workforce, online experience will be of great help in meeting the technology needs of your work.

Many students assume that any online course will work with their commitments to work and family. While online courses always have their benefits, some are easier to schedule than others. Some online schools are structured to be asynchronous and you won’t need to log in for any scheduled programs, such as structured chat room discussions or streamed lectures.

University Of Maryland Global Campus Courses

When you look at all online courses of study, make sure that the courses are designed specifically to meet your needs and that they are accredited.

University Of Maryland Global Campus Announces Dean’s List

In these classes, all course materials will be available to you anytime you need them. However, you will be expected to meet deadlines for any assignments or projects. Make sure you are able to manage your time effectively, and prioritize your schooling.

Many universities offer four-year cybersecurity degrees with multiple concentrations or specializations. This can help you find work more easily if you’re trained in a specific area of ​​the field while also having a broad understanding of cybersecurity across the board. Consider that your interests go beyond the technical side of the job.

If you want to work with law.

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