Why Is Fox News Allowed To Lie – CNN Anchor Jim Acosta called “toxic” denial of systemic racism by Fox News hosts and Republican lawmakers alike. During a Saturday afternoon monologue, Acosta singled out Laura Ingraham, calling her an expert at lying, and Tucker Carlson, labeling her “Fox’s chief white power correspondent.”

Acosta played a recent video of Ingraham downplaying the many instances of police violence against black people by labeling the incidents as “white cops having bad interactions with black Americans” above a chyron that read: “Left Pushing Systemic Racism Lies.” Acosta joined Ingraham, saying that “the Fox army’s only expertise in big lies is that it tells a lot of them.”

Why Is Fox News Allowed To Lie

Why Is Fox News Allowed To Lie

“It’s not just Laura Ingraham. How about Tucker Carlson who after the Derek Chauvin verdict showed us all what’s under the hood” pic.twitter.com/2KguWV8ViU — Acyn (@Acyn) April 24, 2021

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The anchor then turned his attention to Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the Derek Chauvin case and said that Tucker “showed us all what’s under the hood” with his continued racism. The army also ripped Carlson’s anger in moving and the reaction to the guilty verdict.

“But let’s be real,” Acosta said. “Tucker Carlson’s anger was not about the actions of a police officer who killed a man, but about the guilty verdict. Or, as Carlson, Fox’s chief white power correspondent, described the decision: ‘Please, don’t hurt us.’ “

Acosta went on to explain the importance of covering hateful and dangerous language for the Fox News bombshells – it spreads and reaches out to those in power.

“Now, you can call all this an act or a shtick, but these big lies are spreading like a cancer on the right. They are dangerous and they have reached the halls of Congress,” Acosta said.

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Proving his point, Acosta referenced comments made by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson when he said he would have been more concerned about the crowd that attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 if they were Black Lives Matter protesters. Acosta also mentioned a recent tweet from Marjorie Taylor Green, a Republican congresswoman from Georgia, who claimed that the streets of DC were empty the night of Chauvin’s verdict “because of fear of riots” and that Black Lives Matter Matter “is the strongest. terrorist threat in our county.” Both statements, of course, are blatant lies and clearly reflect the racist beliefs of the legislators who said them.

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Why Is Fox News Allowed To Lie

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